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'Harold & Kumar' Stars Promise 'Enhanced Nudity' In '3D Christmas'

'The movie is in 3-D because the 'Jersey Shore' is in 3-D,' Kal Penn jokes to MTV News in our Fall Movie Preview.
By Eric Ditzian

Kal Penn and John Cho in "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas"
Photo: New Line Cinema

Last summer, MTV News got a very special, very twisted look at "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas," the third installment of Kal Penn and John Cho's herbaceous buddy-comedy franchise, when we popped by the Detroit set.

We can't yet show you much of what we saw that day, but as part of our Fall Movie Preview, we're rolling out a tasty nugget of our interview with Penn and Cho. In between cracking jokes about '80s comedies, MTV programming and potential celebrity cameos, the duo let us know what we can expect when the new film, which focuses on the two estranged friends reuniting during the holidays, hits theaters November 4.

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MTV: So why is this movie in 3-D?

Kal Penn: The movie is in 3-D because the "Jersey Shore" is in 3-D.

John Cho: "Avatar" was in 3-D. I'm not in competition with "Avatar." I'm not in competition with James Cameron. He does his thing. We do our thing. He makes cartoons. I understand he had a good year. I'm just saying, the technology isn't his.

Penn: I'm just psyched because "Goonies" was in 3-D and that's why this is in 3-D. You've never seen "Goonies."

Cho: I've never seen "Goonies."

Penn: That is so crazy to me! That's so nuts to me, dude. It's egregious that you haven't watched "Goonies."

MTV: Can we expect 3-D nakedness?

Penn: Listen, you're going to see some 3-Deeez nuts. [Sings to the tune of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's "Deez Nuuuts"]

Cho: There's enhanced nudity.

Penn: Very mature, the way you're saying that. Enhanced nudity. This is not the NPR interview; this is MTV. They just got done watching Snooki get arrested. You do not have to say anything other than "3-D nuts."

MTV: Have you had time to enjoy Detroit?

Cho: I've been buying cars. I've got a lot of cash, and I'm spending it on automobiles. Lots of '97 Pontiac Firebirds. Lot of Ford Tauruses.

Penn: I like shooting in Detroit. If you have not been to Detroit, you should come. People are super friendly. There are a lot of beautiful buildings, and sadly many of them are abandoned. Hopefully the city bounces back. Look at our first film: I loved shooting in Toronto, but it was still a bummer that we had to leave the United States to shoot a quintessential American road-trip comedy.

Cho: Also, Toronto had so many foreigners.

Penn: We were the foreigners. Toronto is in a different country.

Cho: No, we're Americans.

MTV: Why have Harold and Kumar grown apart?

Cho: They're at different times in their lives. Kumar is looking for a way to stay in his younger existence, and Harold is artificially trying to be more mature and is choosing an excessively old mature friend.

MTV: What can we expect in terms of romance?

Penn: When the last film left off, Kumar and Vanessa were obviously very much together. Over the next six years, Vanessa moved into Kumar's apartment. They continued their relationship. It was moving down the road toward marriage. And then Kumar lost his job. He couldn't stop smoking weed. It wasn't as much the weed as him completely latching on to still being frivolous and still being down for whatever and not taking Vanessa seriously and taking her for granted. So slowly after he lost Harold to Maria, he kind of grew resentful of the notion that if his best friend could go off and choose this woman over him, then maybe everyone was just out to get him. He drifted further apart from Vanessa. That's where we pick up now.

MTV: Besides Neil Patrick Harris, what celebrity cameos are in the works?

Penn: Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, Paula Abdul, Snooki and Mayor Koch.

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