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Khloe Kardashian: I Think Kim Kardashian Is "Flawless"

Khloe Kardashian: I Think Kim Kardashian Is "Flawless"

Khloe Kardashian is showing off her God-given goodies on the cover of Cosmopolitan's Middle East edition. But the reality star says that body image has always been a touchy subject for her and her famous sisters.

"Kim and Kourtney have said to me, 'If we were put under the same negative attention that you are, we couldn't handle it.' If I want to wear a long flowing dress, someone will say I'm pregnant," the Khloe & Lamar star tells the mag. "I believe we're not given any more than we can handle and most of the time I can handle it. But we all have fat days and if I'm having one of those days, those sorts of things make me feel down."

Khloe, who is over the moon to be featured on her very first Cosmopolitan cover, admits that she's pretty surprised when sister Kim complains about her body.

"Kim, who I think is flawless, is always complaining. She complains about cellulite and I tell her, 'I'll trade your cellulite for my love handles.'"

But Khloe can't deny that, despite the occasional criticism, she still gets plenty of praise for her curves for fans.

"Girls tell me and my sisters, 'We love your booties,' Khloe reveals. "Just yesterday a really thin stylist said to me, 'I wish I had your booty. I don't have one.'"


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Nicki Minaj 'Super-Nervous' Giving Lil Wayne Lap Dance

Pink Friday star surprised by her boss at I Am Still Music Tour stop.
By Jayson Rodriguez, with reporting by Ade Mangum

Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj perform in Long Island, New York on Monday
Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

A funny thing happened to Nicki Minaj on Sunday during the I Am Still Music Tour when she headed to give a lucky fan a lap dance: Her boss, Lil Wayne, ran from backstage at Long Island, New York's Nassau Coliseum and plopped down in the seat.

The Pink Friday star's showstopping move suddenly turned into a must-see moment.

"Well, I have to say, I been giving lap dances [during the tour], but I didn't know Wayne was gonna jump out and pop out the back," Nicki told MTV News. "I literally was up there trying to get a boy, then I turn around and I see this cute little dread in the chair with his legs dangling off. And I was like, 'What?' I was super nervous."

Wayne hammed it up and pulled his best Gene Simmons impersonation with his tongue darting out of his diamond-encrusted mouth as his protégé sauntered over in a pink and white catsuit. After a few quick pelvic thrusts in front of Weezy, she smiled, then returned to her dancers to resume their choreography.

The affair was one of the evening's highlights, but ultimately, it proved to be more nightclub than gentleman's club. "It's just the essence of a lap dance," Nicki said of her routine. "Now, the down and dirty? Uh uh, not yet."

During Wayne's tour opener in Rhode Island, a man raced to the stage to get up close and personal with Minaj, only to be removed by security.

Have you seen the I Am Still Music Tour? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Mama Knows Best: Jim Jones' Mom Breaks It Down About Jealousy, Jim's Girlfriend Chrissy, And "Love & Hip Hop"

Jim Jones' mother, Nancy Jones aka Mama Jones, stopped by The Breakfast Club in NYC to discuss the show "Love & Hip Hop," her relationship with Chrissy (Jim's girlfriend), and about being a jealous mother. 

During the conversation she also dishes on Cam’ron, Snoop Dogg and her new career as a rapper (yeah you read that right) and fashion designer.  See the highlights inside...


Frankie 2.0-- Nancy Jones--stopped by The Breakfast Club for a fun interview that included many four-letter words and Nancy talking about her new clothing line that produces a t-shirt that reads, "I'm a psychotic b*tch."  See the highlights:

On protecting her son:

Nancy says she does not like ANYONE who dates her son.  She says she is a very protective mother.  "I'm kinda lika a jealous mom.  I want the best."  Nancy describes herself as a "psychotic mom" who will do anything to protect her babies.

On Jim's girlfriend Chrissy and the proposal:

When asked about Chrissy proposing to Jim on the show, Nancy's response was "Yea....she did.  Yea...she did."  She does add that Chrissy is a beautiful person but because of their personalities they often clash.  Nancy says no matter what, she need to understand I am numero uno.

On Jim Jones' party and being controlling:

She says the show doesn't show all the dynamics of her relationship with Chrissy.  Although it may look like she is disrespectful to Chrissy (especially at the party) Nancy says Chrissy is a tough woman herself.  "You can't just push her around." She says their relationship is very up and down.

On rumors of Jim Jones' father surfacing up on a hip hop blog:

Nancy got very upset when they began to talk about the man posing as Jim's father on another hip hop site.  She said, "I was so pi**sed off about that.  I said he don't even look Puerto Rican.  I would not ever f**k nothing like that.  He's lying."  LAWD.  She says that Jim did have a relationship with his dad, whom has since passed away.

On Jim and Cam'ron back togeher again:

She says she is very excited that the two are back working together.  "It's a beautiful thing to me." 

On her rap career:

Nancy has a new single called "Psychotic."  She says the song is hot and she is rapping.  She says she wants to reach out to Snoop Dogg and work with him.

On the women of "Love & Hip Hop":

She says Somaya is her favorite female on the show. "She's a beautiful person and I really like it."  Alrighty then...

On Frankie Lons:

When the name Frankie (Keyshia Cole's mom) is brought up, Nancy says she couldn't see the two of them hanging together or being friends. REALLY?

On her clothing line:

She has a new clothing line called "Dipwear" as well as a few other projects in the fashion industry.  She decided to start Dipwear in honor of her son.

On her love life:

Nancy revealed that she is married.  Her husband calls her Lucy and she calls him Ricky Ricardo.


Whether they will ever hang out or not, Nancy is pretty fun to listen that whole Frankie kinda way.  Listen to the full audio here.


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David Schwimmer Hopes Parents Take Kids To R-Rated 'Trust'

'The difficult scenes are all implied,' director tells MTV News.
By Kara Warner

David Schwimmer
Photo: MTV News

In this current day and age dominated by all things digital, and the speed with which people are able to quickly connect to one another via the Internet, smart phones, iPads, WiFi, etc., the importance of educating our youth about the dangers of communicating with strangers online is at an all-time high.

In the new film "Trust," directed and produced by David Schwimmer, starring Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and newcomer Liana Liberato, the issue is tackled head-on, via a story that revolves around a family torn apart after their daughter is victimized and sexually assaulted by a man she meets online.

When MTV News caught up with Schwimmer, we asked him whom he most wants to see the film, how he dealt with capturing such a difficult subject matter and the film's tricky rating.

"It's rated R, which makes it hard for a teenager to go by him or herself, so my hope is that parents do come with their kids," Schwimmer said. "There's no violence, there's no nudity. The difficult scenes are all implied, really. It's really the subject matter [that garnered the R rating]."

Schwimmer went on to say that he didn't want to compromise the intensity and integrity of the story by lightening the assault scenes or the profanity.

"I didn't want to lose the profanity, because I felt you'd lose credibility," he said. "When most parents find out that some guy has done this to their kid, they don't go, 'Oh darn, oh shucks, how did this happen?' They swear, and I think it's more believable and credible. I didn't want to alter that, and I realize it would make it more challenging for young adults to see it, but I'm hoping that parents bring their kids."

"Trust" opens Friday in New York, L.A., Chicago, Oklahoma City and Columbus, Ohio.

Check out everything we've got on "Trust."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit


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Hotels Ban Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen could have a difficult time getting a hotel room when his ?My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option? tour lands him at Radio City Music Hall on April 8. Sources tell the New York Post he's not welcome at several top New York hotels ? especially The Plaza, where he infamously trashed his room last October after partying with a hooker.

The Plaza, along with other high-profile properties, including the Waldorf-Astoria and the Trump Soho, have all turned Charlie down, according to the report.

A source told the Post, "Many of the big New York hotels don't want the drama. He is now looking at renting a private residence."

Meanwhile, it seems interest for the outspoken actor?s show may be fading.

After initially strong ticket sales in Chicago and Detroit ? the first announced venue for Charlie?s tour ? ticket sales have reportedly been weaker in places like Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Columbus, Ohio, and Seattle.


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'Source Code' Requires A 'Leap Of Faith,' Director Says

Duncan Jones says if moviegoers can suspend disbelief, they'll 'go with it and enjoy the ride.'
By Kara Warner

Michelle Monaghan and Jake Gyllenhaal in "Source Code"
Photo: Summit Entertainment

In most cases, when we travel to the theater or sit down to watch movies, we're looking to be swept up by a great story, transported to other realms and just plain entertained. In doing so, however, there is an element of suspended disbelief that both filmmakers and audiences alike rely on in order to fully immerse themselves in a story.

And while the upcoming thriller "Source Code" is based in present-day reality, there are several elements that draw on the sci-fi and fantastical genres and, as such, rely on the audience to suspend disbelief a bit. When MTV News caught up with director Duncan Jones recently, we asked him to explain his strategy for presenting audiences with challenging ideas without making them too convoluted or confusing.

"Ben Ripley wrote the script, and I thought it was terrific," Jones said. "I thought, 'There are some heady ideas here,' and I think he's done a really good job of balancing what the audience needs to know and giving the audience enough rules that if you just invite them to take a leap of faith you'll go with it and you can enjoy the ride."

Jones went on to say that the one element they added to Ripley's story of traveling into people's brains during the last eight minutes of their lives was humor.

"I think one of the things we were able to do is lighten the tone, inject some humor into it so the audience is able to make that leap of faith and say, 'I understand you, I trust these rules you've set up, let's just see how the story goes.' "

Check out everything we've got on "Source Code."

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Kourtney Kardashian's Acting Debut on 'One Life to Live'

Kourtney Kardashian's Acting Debut on 'One Life to Live'

Hey, if Snoop Dogg can guest-star on One Life to Live, why not Kourtney Kardashian? On Monday, the 31-year-old reality star made her acting debut with a guest appearance on the ABC soap opera, playing saucy personal injury lawyer Kassandra Kavanaugh in several scenes with OLTL's David Fumero.

"I grew up watching One Life to Live," Kardashian tells E!. "This may be my acting debut, but the Kardashians know a thing or two about drama."

Kourtney was less sure of herself when talking about her acting stint on her E! reality show Kourtney & Kim Take New York. "I'd thought I'd have two lines," she said on the show. "But my script is so long... I'm not an actress."

Viewers might tend to agree that this natural drama queen would be wise to stick to her day job -- playing herself on TV. Though the soap writers clearly tried to create a character with a personality (and even initials!) similar to her own, Kardashian's attempt at portraying a sassy, tough girl is about as wooden as it gets. The whole exercise would have gone much more smoothly if they'd simply let her play a heightened version of herself. 

Need evidence? Just watch her describe the experience in this clip from Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Here, she's in her comfort zone, simply talking to the camera -- and her 30-second description of her butterflies during the kissing scene is way more interesting than the scene itself. Watch Kourtney's One Life to Live acting debut in the video below and judge for yourself!



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Jake Gyllenhaal Says ?Good Morning America?

Fulfilling some promotional duties, Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted at ?Good Morning America? earlier today (March 31).

The ?Brokeback Mountain? man looked hunky as he plugged his brand spanking new movie ?Source Code? at the Times Square Studios.

During his interview with Jon Stewart last night (March 30), Jake was challenged to a sports outing when Stewart posed the question, ?Are we going to hang out and play basketball at some point soon??

He replied, "No we're not because you never called me back. I was actually on the Conan O'Brien show the other day and I likened him to the Abraham Lincoln of talk show hosts. You, I liken to the Spud Webb of talk show hosts. So, yes, I would love actually to play basketball with you."


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Katy Perry Channels Lady Gaga For "E.T."

Katy Perry's new music video is for her song "E.T." But rather than Steven Spielberg's alien creation of decades past, she's channeling Lady Gaga and Avatar.

Or so it would appear in these promotional pics released by her label, Capitol, in advance of the video. Maybe with a little David Bowie thrown in there as well?

Click on the Katy Perry pictures below to enlarge some of her various looks for the video. Whatever she's going for, her style is out of this world (booo!) ...

Clawz Come OutA K. Perry PicBronzed GoddessKrazy KatyPerry Goes Wild

[Photos: Capitol Records]


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Arnold Schwarzenegger Scores ?Governator? Gig

He was a frequent target of political jokes during his two terms as the Governor of California and now Arnold Scwarzenegger is using it to his advantage.

The ?Terminator? stud has been cast as a cartoon character called ?The Governator? in a new project by Stan Lee.

Arnold explained, ?It takes my entire career, if its body building, if it?s acting, if its? the governorship and combines it into one. The Governator is designed to fight crime, to fight natural disasters?this guy will jump and solve the problems.?

Since his foreign birth disqualifies him from running for President, Arnold says this is his backup plan. ?Otherwise, I wouldn?t be standing here in a leather jacket, I?d be dressed up in a suit.?


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Tika Sumpter Has No Problem Smooching Her Gossip Girl Co-Stars!

When it comes to dream jobs, many girls would gladly trade places with Tika Sumpter, 27, who admits that her job playing Raina Thorpe on Gossip Girl has a few perks ? like making out with both Chace Crawford, 25, and Ed Westwick, 23.

The newest CW series star opened up to In Touch exclusively about her on-camera kissing sessions with her slightly younger co-stars at the Rebecca Taylor Flagship Store Grand Opening held on March 23 in NYC's Meatpacking District.

?They are both amazing kissers," the sultry starlet confesses. "I mean, is it really hard to kiss those two? No!? We tried to get her to tell us who was the better kisser, but Tika would only tease, ?That?s for me to know... and nobody else to find out!? Or maybe she just can't choose one over the other?

Katrina Bowden, Selita Ebanks and Alice Eve were also on hand for the celebration of the fashion designer's second New York City boutique.


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Elizabeth Banks' Baby Joy

Letting the world in on a well-kept secret, Elizabeth Banks revealed that she is a mom!

Taking to her blog on Wednesday (March 30), the ?30 Rock? babe explained, "I have been very fortunate in life both professionally and personally. I have had untold number of opportunities to work with inspiring people, on great projects as an actress, and I have had a fantastic long term relationship of nearly 20 years with my now husband, Max [Handelman].?

"The one true hurdle I've faced in life is that I have a broken belly," she continued. "After years of trying to get pregnant, exploring the range of fertility treatments, all unsuccessful, our journey led us to gestational surrogacy: we make a 'baby cake' and bake it in another woman's 'oven.'"

"From that came two miracles. The first was meeting our carrier and her husband who were truly humbling in their decency and generosity. And the second miracle was the birth of our baby boy, Felix Handelman. Felix means 'happy and 'lucky' in Latin. And true to his name, Felix is a very happy baby and a blessing on our life," Elizabeth said.

And lastly, the blonde funnywoman added, ?Thanks to all our friends, family, and fans for your support. If you need me, I'll be changing dirty diapers and trying to get some sleep."


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Charlie Sheen Returning to TV on Drew Carey's New Show

Charlie Sheen Returning to TV on Drew Carey's New Show

Well, it's not HBO, but Charlie Sheen is going to be back on TV in just two weeks. According to Entertainment Weekly, the former Two and a Half Men star will take a break from burning bridges to appear on Drew Carey's new GSN show, Improv-A-Ganza. The half-hour improvised comedy, taped live before a studio audience in Las Vegas, Nev., will feature familiar faces from Carey's improv game show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" -- as well as guest stars like the Vatican Assassin Warlock himself.

So will GSN viewers see a preview of Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour? Sadly, no -- according to the network, the episode was taped back in January, when Sheen was playing nice(r) with the powers that be.

Meanwhile, Uncle Charlie is working on his next venture: a rap single with Snoop Dogg, which he describes as "Sheenius." (If we may paraphrase Mean Girls for a moment: Stop trying to make "Sheenius" happen, Charlie. It's not happening.) Hmm... what happens when you combine Snoop Dogg with tiger blood? Guess we'll all find out when the single drops.

Sheen's guest appearance on Improv-A-Ganza will air on GSN on April 12. Check out a preview for the show below!



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Elton John Readies for SNL Double Duty

Getting viewers ready for what's sure to be quite the entertaining evening, Sir Elton John appears in a brand new promo video for "Saturday Night Live".

In what's his first appearance on the beloved sketch show since 1982, the "Tiny Dancer" piano playing superstar will be gracing the stage on the long-running NBC comedy on April 2nd.

Taking the night on his shoulders, Elton will be pulling double duty on the upcoming SNL - as he's tending to both host and musical guest efforts.

As for the just-released promo, John can be seen getting chased around the studios by show regular Jason Sudeikis as "Benny Hill" plays in the background.


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Jackie Chan Death Rumors Were a Twitter Hoax

Jackie Chan Death Rumors Were a Twitter Hoax

Rumors of Jackie Chan's death took the Internet by storm on Tuesday, knocking the wind out of the international action star's fans with all the swift fury of a kung-fu punch to the gut. But contrary to reports -- which circulated on Twitter, Facebook and eventually on news sites and blogs -- that Chan had succumbed to a heart attack, the 56-year-old star of The Karate Kid and Rush Hour is not dead. In fact, the only thing the Hong Kong-born star has fallen prey to is yet another celebrity death hoax.

"Jackie is alive and well," a message on Chan's official Facebook page assures his fans. "He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports. Jackie is fine and is busy preparing for the filming of his next movie."

Even celebs like Adam Sandler were agitated by the false reports. The Grown-Ups funnyman took to his Twitter account to rally the troops to shoot down the rumors. "RIP Jackie Chan is not true," he wrote. "R E T W E E T this get the word around."

Not satisfying enough proof? To drive home the point that he's far from dead, Chan took to his official website to post a photo, dated March 29, showing the actor meeting with Yuji Kumamaru, the Consul-General of Japan, in Hong Kong to discuss details of the Love Without Borders 3/11 Candelight Gala -- a charity event that will benefit the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Chan joins the ranks of Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Bill Cosby, Will Smith and even Justin Bieber, all of whom have been the subject of online death hoaxes in recent months. Welcome to the club, Jackie!


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'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' DVD Coming May 13

Bieber announces release date Wednesday on Twitter.
By Jocelyn Vena

"Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" DVD
Photo: Paramount

On Wednesday (March 30), Justin Bieber shared with his fans the DVD release date for his flick, "Never Say Never." So, when will fans be able to experience Bieber in 3-D in the comfort of their own homes?

"So here is the big news they were waiting for me to announce to u once off stage ... Thanks to everyone for seeing #NSN3D around the world! so we are ... OFFICIALLY getting #NEVERSAYNEVER3D to Blu-ray & DVD May13th," he tweeted. "Preorder NOW."

He also had another special announcement for a few lucky fans who purchase a special version of the flick, adding, "And I'm signing some for my fans! #MUCHLOVE."

Aside from what fans already saw in theaters, the Blu-ray/DVD combo features a dance-off between Bieber and his crew, the full-length performance of "Favorite Girl," Bieber's team surprising fans with free tickets and a sendoff for JB's old swoop hairstyle.

Fans already came out to see the flick when it hit theaters in February, helping to solidify its status as one of the highest-grossing documentaries of all time. This will mark the third release for the film, which hit theaters twice already.

Regarding the film's message, Bieber explained to MTV News, "People didn't really know, they didn't understand that I've been playing music ever since I was born, and it's always been in me. And this movie is really going to show that I'm not just some packaged thing that some A&R put together. It was actually just me living my dream and just making music.

"Fans will be really excited to see that I'm just a regular 16-year-old having fun, just living my dream," he said. "And it's possible for anyone to live theirs."

The film shows Bieber skillfully playing piano, drums and guitar. It is part concert film, part documentary, complete with interviews from some of the people closest to the teen phenom. It features cameos by Miley Cyrus, Usher and Ludacris, among others, in interviews and concert performances filmed at Madison Square Garden last year.

Check out everything we've got on "Never Say Never."

For young Hollywood news, fashion and Justin Bieber updates around the clock, visit

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Vanessa Hudgens: "Sucker Punch" UK Premiere

Stepping out for one of the biggest night?s surrounding their film's release, the ladies of ?Sucker Punch? were all on-hand at the UK film premiere in London, England on Wednesday (March 30).

Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Carla Gugino, Emily Browning all posed for pictures on the red carpet before heading inside Vue Cinema at Leicester Square for the big event.

As for the plotline, the film revolves around institutionalized Baby Doll (Emily Browning) who retreats into her imagination to survive, fighting video game-style battles in places ranging from temples to Notre Dame cathedral.

While director Zack Snyder?s 2006 film ?300? relied on male six-packs for visual interest, Sucker Punch majors on cleavage with Baby Doll?s fellow asylum inmates Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), Rocket (Jena Malone), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung) all duly obliging their director?s eye for a curve.


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Jennifer Lopez's Lil Wayne Collabo 'I'm Into You' Leaks Online

Singer also announces that she will perform on 'American Idol' on May 5.
By James Dinh

Jennifer Lopez
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic

Jennifer Lopez collaborated with Pitbull for her comeback dance anthem "On the Floor," and her follow-up single will continue a trend of linking up with chart-topping MCs. On Wednesday (March 30), the "American Idol" judge took to Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show to tease a snippet of her new single, "I'm Into You," which features none other than rapper Lil Wayne.

Despite the singer's "Give It Love, Get It Early" campaign to release the song in its entirety early on iTunes utilizing Facebook's "like" option, the tune has already made its way to the blogosphere.

Over a trippy mid-tempo beat, Lil Wayne opens with a brief verse before Lopez sings a tale of a lover's spellbound attraction. "When I look into your eyes, it's over/ You got me hooked with your love controller/ I'm tripping and I could not get over/ I'm feeling lucky like a four-leaf clover/ I'm into you," the pop star sings during the song's pop&B chorus.

The Weezy-assisted tune, which was reportedly produced by Stargate, will be available on iTunes next Tuesday. Among the other songs scheduled for release through the "Give It Love, Get It Early" campaign are "Papi" (April 13) and "Love?" (April 20).

In addition to premiering some new music, the pop star opened up about last week's surprising "Idol" results show, where the judges decided to save contestant Casey Abrams. "It was crazy. We knew that it was kind of a radical decision because it was so early in the season," the singer told Seacrest. However, Lopez admitted that all the judges unanimously decided that it was the right thing to do to prevent the "dynamic performer" from packing his bags.

For now, J. Lo is gearing up to perform her new music on "American Idol" on May 5 as well as at KIIS FM's annual Wango Tango show on May 14.

What do you think of J. Lo's new tune "I'm Into You"? Share your reviews in the comments below.

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Will Ferrell Joining 'The Office' Full-Time?

Will Ferrell Joining 'The Office' Full-Time?

Producers of The Office (NBC, Thursday, 9 p.m. ET) have been tight-lipped about who will replace the bumbling but weirdly lovable Michael Scott (Steve Carell) next year. It's just so hard to imagine: Who else is idiotic enough to drink out of that "World's Greatest Boss" mug -- the one you just know Michael bought himself?

Turns out it might just be that other master of idiotic behavior, Will Ferrell! While we've known for weeks that Ferrell will be doing a four-episode "guest arc" on the show starting April 14, no one really thought the Hollywood A-lister would want to take over for Carell full-time. Actually, though, Ferrell recently told Us Weekly that it's "looking good" for him to step into the job on a permanent basis.

While remaining vague, Ferrell told Entertainment Weekly pretty much the same thing. "Yes, I'm taking over," Ferrel said. "My character's name is Deangelo Vickers, he loves the American Southwest, and he's just kind of in his own way going to step into Michael Scott's shoes and try to fill them. I'm friends with Steve and a fan of the show, and I just selfishly wanted to do one episode with him, and they pitched multiple ones, and I said, 'That'd be great.'" When EW asked if that meant his stint on the show was going to be permanent, he responded, "Yeah, a regular full-time gig."

While an insider tells EW that Ferrell "might have been joking, but time will tell" the decision for Will to tackle a full-time TV gig wouldn't be so far-fetched. Ferrell has three little boys (two of whom are now school-aged) with his wife, Viveca Paulin. A sitcom job would allow him to cut back on the traveling that's often required for films and spend more time with his family. Plus, Will is certainly not strapped for money right now. According to, he's worth $80 million.

If Ferrell does step into Michael's shoes, there's no doubt he'll be able to keep up the malapropisms -- executing them with his own blundering spin, of course!


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'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Dropped a Bomb

'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Dropped a Bomb

The show opens with Tom Bergeron throwing it to a performance by some of the pros: Lacey, Anna, Cheryl, Maks, Louis and Dmitry. Six other dancers that I don't recognize join them. It's short, colorful, and energetic, which is what you want in an opening number.

When it's over, Tom explains that Maks choreographed it, and the six newcomers were the show's new professional troupe, and we will learn more about them later. Okay, then. Brooke joins him, and she has some ill-advised bangs. They don't make her any more interesting. She is just so boring. At least Samantha was sort of goofy sometimes. Brooke is just a robot.


Watch the full episode below:


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Wiz Khalifa Hypes Rolling Papers At NYC In-Store Appearance

'It's totally exhilarating to see kids lined up outside,' MC marvels on the day of his debut album's release.
By Steven Roberts

Wiz Khalifa
Photo: MTV News

NEW YORK — A year ago, Wiz Khalifa was a relative unknown. Sure, Wiz was selling out shows, but outside his loyal Taylor Gang fanbase, he wasn't a household name.

That all changed with the release of his breakout mixtape, Kush & Orange Juice, and the anthemic single "Black and Yellow." Fast-forward 10 months, and Khalifa's major-label debut, Rolling Papers, is in a battle for the week's #1 release against Snoop Dogg and Britney Spears.

MTV News caught up with Khalifa on Tuesday afternoon (March 29) for his in-store at Best Buy in Union Square, and even he was shocked to see fans lined up around the block.

"It's totally exhilarating to see kids lined up outside, screaming, wanting the album and purchasing the album," Khalifa marveled. "It was actually like a year ago that I first started working on the album.

"I didn't really know where I was going, but I knew I was going somewhere," he continued. "To have it done and to see the full vision and for people to be excited about it and the entire buildup, it's just really magnificent."

Plenty of excited — but also laid-back, of course — Wiz fans waited outside Best Buy for a chance to meet Khalifa and get his autograph. Many of them came out on Monday night to buy the album at midnight and receive a wristband to meet Wiz on Tuesday.

"I love that kid, no lie. I don't know that kid personally, but when I greeted him, I was in the zone," fan Daniel Candelairo told MTV News. "I've been listening to him since '07, so unlike most people out here claiming Taylor Gang — I'm not into all of that. I just listen to his music and I promote him."

Candelairo recalled catching flak for being a Wiz fan back in the day, but he's enjoyed the turnaround. "He's blowing. Everybody loves this kid," he said. "It's awesome. I'm proud of him."

Have you checked out Wiz's debut album yet? Share your reviews in the comments!

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Taylor Lautner, Justin Timberlake Vie For 'Best Line' MTV Movie Award Nods

'Eclipse,' 'Social Network' stars and more may snag nominations in the new category as voting begins today.
By Eric Ditzian

Taylor Lautner in "Eclipse"
Photo: Summit

New MTV Movie Award categories come and go. Best Kiss has been around since the beginning ("My Girl" co-star Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin were the inaugural winners in 1992), while Sexiest Performance and Best Virtual Performance lasted just a year (congrats, Jessica Alba and Gollum!).

For the 2011 show, one new category joins the field: Best Line From a Movie. Folks like Justin Timberlake ("Social Network"), Taylor Lautner ("Eclipse") and Leonardo DiCaprio ("Inception") will compete to make the final list of nominees.

We should add, however, that we've seen something like this before. For two years at the turn of the millennium, we presented a category called Best Line. Robert De Niro won that first year for asking Ben Stiller in "Meet the Parents," "Are you a pothead, Focker?" The next year, "Legally Blonde" star Reese Witherspoon triumphed for delivering this line to Selma Blair: "Oh, I like your outfit too, except when I dress up as a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated."

While comedic movie lines won twice in the past, there's no telling what's going to happen this year. Potential nominees are both young ("Grown Ups" star Alexys Nycole Sanchez: "I want to get chocolate wasted!") and, well, not as young ("Tron: Legacy" star Jeff Bridges: "You're really ruining my Zen thing"). There are laugh lines ("With no power, comes no responsibility," Aaron Johnson said in "Kick Ass") and deadly serious ones ("If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you'd have invented Facebook," Jesse Eisenberg declared in "The Social Network"). A few quotes are a little too dirty to print in full ("It's in the shape of a giant co--," cracks Chloë Moretz in "Kick Ass"). And then there are two "Eclipse" quotes facing off against each other: Lautner ("Let's face it, I'm hotter than you") versus Robert Pattinson ("Doesn't he own a shirt?").

Which lines will make the final list of nominees? It's up to you, and voting is already under way at Polls for Best Line From a Movie and the rest of the categories will stay open through April 5. After the final nominees are announced, another round of voting will kick off on May 3 and run through June 4. But voting for Best Movie will remain open during the awards show itself.

The 20th annual MTV Movie Awards will air live on Sunday, June 5, at 9 p.m. ET from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California.

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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'Sucker Punch' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Before you check out Zack Snyder's action-packed flick, learn how it came to be.
By Kara Warner

Emily Browning in "Sucker Punch"
Photo: Warner Bros./ Legendary Pictures

Way back in October 2008, amid the buzz surrounding Zack Snyder's big-screen adaptation of "Watchmen," news broke about plans for his next project, an original screenplay penned by Snyder and Steve Shibuya called "Sucker Punch," billed simply as "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns." For Snyder's devoted fanbase, that descriptor was enough to set minds speculating and Internets buzzing for well over two years.

Naturally, MTV News has been following the project from conception to opening day Friday (March 25). Here's everything you need to know about "Sucker Punch":

First, in addition to the "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns" tease, the initial logline announced that the plot revolved around "a young girl institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility."

In March 2009, an all-female cast was announced, with several of Hollywood's most in-demand ingénues attached. Not too long after that, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone and Evan Rachel Wood bowed out and Emily Browning, Jamie Chung and Jena Malone stepped in.

From then on, the principal cast was set, with just a few additions to come (including Carla Gugino and Jon Hamm), and the film production was on its way.

There wasn't much news to report until early 2010 when, amid the post-"Avatar" 3-D craze, Warner Bros. announced that "Sucker Punch" would be converted to 3-D, which excited star Vanessa Hudgens at the time, until a few months later, Snyder spoke out about his reservations on the subject. It seems Snyder's concerns were heard, because the studio changed its mind.

Cut to San Diego Comic-Con 2010, when Snyder dazzled fans with a teaser trailer (which later debuted online, with tons of intense analysis) during the film's panel. Shortly thereafter, the lovely leading ladies stopped by the MTV News shooting suite to discuss their intense training for the film.

After the Comic-Con chaos, fans had to wait a few months to see more teasers, in the form of a second trailer (which MTV Movies Blog named one of the year's best) that dropped in November 2010 and a collection of character posters.

MTV Movies Blog kicked off the New Year with a preview piece in which we named "Sucker Punch" one of the most anticipated films of the year, and shortly after that, the promotional machine kicked into high gear.

Throughout the film's opening month, March 2011, we received news of an online animated movie intended as an offshoot or short companion piece to the film, called "The Trenches." Also over on Movies Blog, we rolled out "patient files" on all the lead characters: Amber, Rocket, Sweet Pea and Blondie.

MTV News also reconnected with everyone to discuss the cast's thoughts on their character's most outrageous moments and Snyder's explanation about where the idea for the movie came from.

Finally, our coverage capped off at the film's big premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday, where we learned what "Sucker Punch" really means.

Check out everything we've got on "Sucker Punch."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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'Sucker Punch' Secrets Revealed!

MTV News spoke with filmmaker Zack Snyder and the cast about the making of the fantastical battle movie.
By Kara Warner

Emily Browning in "Sucker Punch"
Photo: Warner Bros.

At long last, Zack Snyder's mysterious, "Alice in Wonderland With Machine Guns" film "Sucker Punch" has arrived in theaters. MTV News has been on the case since its humble beginnings, bringing you all the news, videos, scoops and interviews ... in a nutshell, everything you need to know.

To celebrate the film's opening day, we present a few more fun facts about the film that we learned directly from the film's director/writer Zack Snyder and the cast.

1. Snyder's original plan for the movie was to build it around a big musical number.
"I had this idea that it'd be cool if we used the musical number for the spine of the movie or the spine of the action sequence," Snyder told MTV News. "And then getting in and out of it would be like, the music would start and that would draw us in. That would be the sort of mechanism for the fantasy to begin, and when the music ended, that would be the mechanism for it ending. And that was sort of how it started."

2. Inspiration for the look of the film came from the adult fantasy magazine Heavy Metal.
"I still read it, actually," Snyder said. "It's got little short stories in it and they're illustrated. And so it's like a comic strip that has more sex and violence than you would get from a normal comic book," Snyder said, adding that he started reading the magazine in his youth. "I think it influenced this movie in a pretty big way."

3. For the high-action "train sequence," Snyder used hundreds of shots to look like one, which took seven days to shoot.
"[The train sequence] is a sequence that's broken up into maybe 120 shots that look like one shot," Snyder explained. "So you just kind of have to know where the cameras are going and knowing where it came from, and put these little camera moves in and all these shifts that have to happen. ... You shoot one angle and then you shoot the other angle and then it's going to be stitched with the CG section. So you have to know what you're capable of," he said. "How far you can push the CG stitch so it doesn't break the shot. There's a whole bunch of things like that."

4. Everyone in the cast is wearing a ton of makeup.
Even for Oscar Isaac, who plays creepy institution overlord Blue Jones and has the privilege of being one of the only men in the cast, the makeup process was extensive.

"I remember they would spray-tan me and then put an extra coat of shine on it," he recalled. "Then blush and then tons of eyeliner. My hair was basically glued tight to my head."

But compared to what the ladies endured, Isaac's process wasn't that bad. Carla Gugino told us the filmmakers wanted the makeup to make a statement, and that she spent at least two hours in the makeup chair every morning.

"We definitely had so much fun," Gugino said. "Rosalina [Da Silva] designed the look of the film makeup-wise. And we did 'Watchmen' together as well," she explained. "She's amazing. But there was a point when she said, 'Carla, guess how many sets of lashes you have on your eyes?' and I was like, 'Including my real ones?' and she was like, 'Yes.' And we realized that it was four."

5. Snyder had to cut back on the violence in the movie, particularly a few scenes that involve implied or attempted rape.
"Those [scenes] of course got trimmed away," he said. "It's really delicate because even that subject matter, you have the harder version that is sometimes better because it actually makes the point a little bit more directly. The PG-13 version was difficult for me," he revealed. "I would say that the very things that they didn't like were the very things that you needed to see in order for you to understand the content of the scene. You know, to know how to feel about it, because otherwise you're sort of left in this weird middle ground," he said. "So it's difficult. It's tricky."

Snyder went on to explain why the sexual violence and lobotomy images were necessary to include in the film, juxtaposed with the idea of women not being victims and being able to defend themselves.

"For me it was all about having incredible threat in that world. Like, what is the most dangerous thing? What is the worst possible thing, and to me being lobotomized and then raped is probably the worst possible thing," he explained. "I like the idea that the verdict or the ... like if someone were to make a sacrifice, and you have two alternatives and one is just go back to jail. OK. You know, I get that. And one is you know, be lobotomized and then possibly raped for the rest of your zombified life. You know, you really need to think about that. You're giving up a lot, I guess, is my point."

Check out everything we've got on "Sucker Punch."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'Britney Spears: I Am The Femme Fatale' Trailer Premieres Tonight!

Sneak peeks of Brit's upcoming MTV special will air all day before full trailer airs at 7:58 p.m.
By Jocelyn Vena

Britney Spears on the set of her "Till the World Ends" video
Photo: MTV News & Docs

All day, Britney Spears is taking over MTV. That takeover includes a trailer for MTV's upcoming special about the pop star, "Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale," which will take fans inside Britney's life to see what it's like to release a highly anticipated album.

Before the trailer premieres tonight at 7:58 p.m., teasers will air throughout the day. In the sneak peeks, fans get to see Spears work on the just-released Femme Fatale, including going over final production with on their collabo. "I did some tweaking to 'Big Fat Bass,' " the Black Eyed Peas mastermind tells Spears as she gives the song another listen.

While on the way to rehearsals for her pre-album performances — including her set this past Friday at the Palms in Las Vegas, which will be included in "Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale" — Spears admits to having some "jitterbugs." It is, after all, her first time back onstage since the Circus Tour.

In another intimate look at the singer's life, fans get to see Spears and her assistant as they go to Starbucks to take a minute for themselves in the hustle-and-bustle of a hectic schedule. "It's nice to have a peaceful moment just to sit down," Spears says. "It's nice to relax before the chaos."

That chaos included getting fans excited for her album release. On top of taking the stage in Vegas for a set full of pyro, shimmering bodysuits and flirty dance moves, Spears also pre-taped today's "Good Morning America" performance in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. "I totally loved how her bustier was lit up," fan Corina Andrati excitedly told MTV News moments after Spears wrapped her three-song set. "I'm so blessed to be here."

Have you heard Britney's new album yet? Share your favorite tracks in the comments!

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Lady Gaga Celebrates Birthday At Los Angeles Concert

Mother Monster tells the crowd at her show on Monday that her fans are 'the best birthday present you could give me.'
By Kara Warner

Lady Gaga performs at Staples Center on Monday
Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

LOS ANGELES — A Lady Gaga concert is unlike any other live music event for two reasons: First, Mother Monster obviously puts on one helluva show — passionate, energetic, etc. — and second, there's the amount of effort her most dedicated fans, the Little Monsters, put into their unbelievable, outrageous and scandalous ensembles. Braving the teeming masses in the floor section of a Gaga concert is like being dropped in the midst of a half-naked, sparkly, Lycra-filled Halloween parade.

So was the scene on Monday night at the Staples Center, where Gaga shared her blood, sweat and tears with the nearly 20,000 screaming audience members ... on her 25th birthday, no less.

"I'm going to kick your ass tonight!" Gaga declared after her opening number, "Dancing in the Dark," and at the start of "Just Dance." She challenged the crowd to stay on their feet and to be themselves, which became the theme of the evening.

"The Monster Ball will set you free," she said during a beat between "Just Dance" and "Fame." "You can be whoever you want to be."

Naturally, the crowd ate up every word Gaga spoke, particularly her words of encouragement and love for her fans.

"Thank you for the best birthday present you could give me," she said, indicating that the present was her fans themselves. "Thank you for still buying tickets to my show. Thank you for believing in my music."

And in between the heartfelt thanks, the Lady left room for joking around. She told the crowd that her dad had advised her to be extra careful during her birthday performance because her fans will throw gifts up onstage. "He said, 'Please be careful what you put in your mouth.' " Also, when one concertgoer indicated that they had brought her Nutella, she said she had to politely "rebuke" the gift because she had to prep for the "Judas" video.

Besides Gaga's words of wisdom and heartfelt thanks, of course, there was plenty of her chart-topping music. The major highlights of the show — in addition to a rousing "Happy Birthday" sung by the crowd toward the end of the evening — included "Born This Way," which Gaga performed twice: the first, a stripped-down version she delivered at the piano and accompanied with an inspiring story regarding a long-desired pair of ruby slippers and dreams that really do come true ("Someday someone will hand you a pair of ruby slippers!"); the second, her show-stopping second encore. Also very worthy of a mention were "Alejandro" — the choreography performed by Gaga's extremely talented and acrobatic core of dancers was incredible — the new ballad "You and I" and the always-killer "Bad Romance."

Do you have belated birthday wishes for Lady Gaga? Share them in the comments.

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Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans Arrested!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested last night for assault after TMZ posted a video of her fighting another girl last week.

Authorities say the other girl in the video, Britany Truett, was initially not going to press charges, but changed her mind over the weekend. The fight between the two girls supposedly started over Kieffer Delp, who was also arrested due to an outstanding warrant against him for drug charges, according to

Along with being charged for assault, Jenelle is also facing "affray for fighting" charges, and will be due in court on April 26.

Oak Island Police say Jenelle was booked into Brunswick County Jail and was released shortly after on bond, TMZ reports.


Catherine Bell Chandra West Charisma Carpenter Charli Baltimore Charlies Angels Charlize Theron

'Sucker Punch' Stars Take A Journey 'Into Zack Snyder's Mind'

Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Emily Browning, Jamie Chung and Abbie Cornish reveal their favorite scenes.
By Kara Warner

Vanessa Hudgens in "Sucker Punch"
Photo: Warner Bros.

After months and months of buzz, rumors and hype, Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch" is finally about to drop in theaters. MTV News has been on this film's case from day one and recently had the opportunity to catch up with the cast and director for a few in-depth chats.

First up, the lovely leading ladies addressed the film's most outrageous moments.

"I think, for me, when we're on the B-25 bomber plane and we're being chased by a dragon and I'm shooting at it," said Vanessa Hudgens, who plays Blondie. "It's pretty intense."

"I got to do this really fun green-screen moment where I was being lowered upside down on a harness 40 feet in the air," Jena Malone, a.k.a. Rocket in the film, explained. "I had to clear out my mag on my UMP [Universal Machine Pistol] while I was shooting all these robots that I was doing a double-flip over in the middle of a bullet train."

Jamie Chung, who plays Amber, added that part of the fun of working with green screen, particularly a scene in Mecca, was being able to use your imagination. When asked what she pulled from or where she went to prepare for those moments, Chung said she looked to her director.

"Into Zack Snyder's mind," she said. "That was the place that I went."

Emily Browning (Baby Doll) and Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea) also touted the fight or "dance" sequences as the most unbelievable.

"My favorite thing to watch with my character is probably the first fight scene in Samurai world," Browning said. "People have said to me, 'Oh, so were you just standing there and there was a green screen and they made you look like you were jumping?' I said, 'No, I was on wires the whole time' jumping up and doing crazy things. We did almost a month of wirework at the end of the film. That's pretty cool to see. It's almost like a character in a video game or something."

"I definitely do love a lot of the fighting stuff," Cornish said. "For me the process of filming 'World War I' [an action sequence in the film] was incredible, because we all had solo action pieces so we got to indulge in those action pieces."

Cornish pointed out Snyder's use of high-speed cameras that were used to slow certain movements and make them stand out more onscreen.

"I love the moments where you see Vanessa's character flip her tomahawk and then that awesome throw that she does," she said. "And when Jenna flips her gun in slow motion, I love that stuff."

"That's probably the coolest moment," Browning agreed.

Check out everything we've got on "Sucker Punch."

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