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MAGAZINE FAB: Zoe Kravitz Covers The July 2011 Issue Of "ASOS" Magazine

Zoe Kravitz covers the July 2011 issue of ASOS Magazine's Festival Issue.  See pics inside and find out what she thinks about being an "IT" girl....  

Zoe Kravitz has been in the spotlight for years.  Having a rockstar father, Lenny Kravitz, and a famously beautiful actress mother, Lisa Bonet, it's only natural that Zoe would attract the attention of designers and photographers.

In the July issue of ASOS magazine, she talked about being an "IT" girl:

 "All that 'it girl' shit makes me kind of uncomfortable. I'm only at
the beginning of my career, but I feel successful in that I haven't
sold out in any way, shape or form. I feel good about the choices
I've made, and I don't feel like I've let go of any of my values.
Fame has become this obsession for people, which kind of creeps me

She also talked about her parents' boho-chic style of dress:

"I used to be a little embarrassed by how she (mom Lisa Bonet) and my
dad (Lenny Kravitz) would dress...but now I steal their clothes all
the time."

Zoe is starring in X-Men: The First Class which is set for release on Friday. About filming the flick in London, she talked about how her and the cast--including her boyfriend--kicked it around town:

"We (Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and boyfriend Michael Fassbender) were living in London for four months and it was like X-Men summer camp, so we all hung out at each other's houses after filming, went out to pubs...I lived in Notting Hill, right by Portobello...I'm spending all my money on flea-market shopping!"

Pics from her uber cute spread:



So colorful.  Loves it.  Watch the behind-the-scenes video here.

Photos via Danielle Levitt/Styling by Zeba Lowe

Source: http://theybf.com/2011/05/31/magazine-fab-zoe-kravitz-covers-the-july-2011-issue-of-asos-magazine

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Colin Farrell Is Funny But 'Sinister' In 'Fright Night,' Director Says

'I just felt like he could really walk that tightrope,' Craig Gillespie tells MTV News during Sneak Peek Week.
By Kara Warner, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Colin Farrell in "Fright Night"
Photo: DreamWorks

MTV's Sneak Peek Week has a lot to offer film fans in addition to exclusive screenings of highly anticipated upcoming movies, including our post-event Q&A sessions when the stars answer questions from the audience and reveal insider info about their projects.

At Monday evening's kickoff event with the vampire horror/comedy "Fright Night," Christopher Mintz-Plasse and director Craig Gillespie talked at length about why vampires are still hot commodities and how Colin Farrell came to take on his fang-tastic role.

"I think, honestly, [with] vampires, it's one of those things that actors love to do, because you're getting to play sort of an iconic kind of character that has all this history," Gillespie said of an actor's desire to sink his or her teeth into playing the undead. "You get to have a lot of fun with it, because there's this sense that it's not in reality.

"With Colin, it's a very dark character, but he has a humor about him," Gillespie added. "He's very sinister. Just trying to get somebody that can play that, walk that line, [like] he had in 'In Bruges,' which he's so funny in, and then he's played the very dramatic stuff, so I just felt like he could really walk that tightrope."

Mintz-Plasse added that although Farrell had a knack for tapping into the dark and comedic aspects of his character, Jerry the vampire, he also had a little fun with impersonating one of the more iconic vampires in cinematic history.

"It was really actually awesome to watch him act as a vampire," Mintz-Plasse said. "He would do however many takes he needed to do as that character, and then at the end of every [take], he would do his kind of 'Charlie, I'm coming for you' Dracula impression at the end. You could put together this whole [other] movie with Colin doing a Dracula impression. It's really, really cool to watch."

When we suggested that Gillespie add Farrell's creative interpretations to the DVD, he seemed receptive to the idea, so fingers crossed we see more of Farrell vamping it up, Dracula-style.

Will vampires and werewolves own the 2011 MTV Movie Awards? Can wizards or dream thieves steal the Golden Popcorn? Find out June 5, when the 20th annual show airs live at 9 p.m. ET/PT. To get into the magical movie mood, we have Sneak Peek Week — five days of exclusives and interviews with the casts of "Fright Night," "Horrible Bosses" and more. Check out everything there is to know about Sneak Peek Week and the Movie Awards at MovieAwards.MTV.com!

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Sean Kingston Gets Twitter Support From Rihanna, Nicki Minaj

Singer remains in critical, but stable condition after Sunday's jet-ski accident.
By Gil Kaufman

Sean Kingston
Photo: Getty/ Jon Kopaloff

No news was good news on Tuesday, as "Beautiful Girls" singer Sean Kingston remained in critical, but stable condition at a Miami hospital after crashing his See Doo jet ski into the Palm Island Bridge on Sunday evening.

Pal and former tourmate Justin Bieber "Eenie Meenie", "Sean we praying for u baby."

Nicki Minaj tweeted, "My love & prayers are with Sean Kingston & his family." And rapper LL Cool J wrote, "I hope and pray that Sean Kingston recovers quickly.... #staystrong."

Soulja Boy also offered his thoughts, writing, "Praying for my brother @seankingston. I hope he makes a full recovery ... smh it's always something :("

No information has been released about the extent of Kingston's injuries. The 21-year-old was moved from the trauma unit to the intensive care unit on Monday, a day after crashing the personal watercraft and sustaining serious injuries. His unidentified 23-year-old female passenger was also hurt and thrown into the water in the incident. A passing boater saw the crash and pulled the two victims into his boat according to reports.

Miami's Local 10 News reported on Monday that police had taken the dark blue and white See Doo into evidence, noting that the steering column and parts of one side appeared to be smashed in from the impact. The cause of the crash remains under investigation, but TMZ reported that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed that alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

The person who fished Kingston and his companion out of the water, Coast Guard member Jonathan Rivera, told TMZ that Kingston was responsive and spoke during his rescue, even as he was vomiting blood.

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Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1664792/sean-kingston-accident-rihanna-twitter.jhtml

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Beyonce Reveals 4 Album Track List

Pop powerhouse begins revealing one song title an hour from the 12-song disc via Facebook.
By James Dinh

Beyonce's <i>4</i>
Photo: Columbia

After two showstopping performances of her song "Run the World (Girls)" earlier this week, Beyoncé knows how to keep the anticipation surrounding her new album, 4, high. On Wednesday morning (May 25), the superstar singer began to unveil the track list for the new LP via Facebook in a title-by-title hourly countdown.

Rounding out the 12-song album is B's lead single off the project, the Major Lazer-sampled tune "Run the World (Girls)." And Team Beyoncé was glad to know the track was still included in the set. "I love it. It's not usual Beyoncé but that's what makes her HOTT!" LaTisha Davis wrote. "B, you can make ANYTHING a hit! Loooove the track! Much respect Beyoncé! U KILLED it @ the Billboard Awards. Love u!!!"

Additional tunes on the album include "I Was Here," "End of Time" and "Countdown."

Fans likely already got a preview of the "End of Time" cut when a previously unheard Beyoncé song titled "Till the End of Time" hit the Internet late last week. If the songs match up, it'll satisfy many of the singer's admirers, including fan Kendra Long, who wrote, "I looooooove this song. This may be wrong to say, but I'm glad it leaked!"

King Lds Clandler was happy to hear the drum-heavy tune made the final cut, writing, "I love the song. I had it for a week and listen to it 20 times a day."

As for what else fans can expect from the pop titan's new album, Beyoncé previously stated in a press release that she was inspired by Afrobeat music pioneer Fela Kuti and lots of '90s R&B. "I listened to a lot of Jackson 5 and New Edition, but also Adele, Florence and the Machine, and Prince," she said. "Add in my hip-hop influences, and you can hear how broad it is. I also gave myself more freedom to really belt out some songs and bring soul singing back. I used a lot of the brassiness and grittiness in my voice that people hear in my live performances but not necessarily on my records."

Keeping her promotional bandwagon steady, the singer is reportedly set to perform on the highly anticipated season 10 finale of "American Idol" on Wednesday night (May 25).

What is your favorite song title off Beyonceé's 4 so far? Tell us in the comments.

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Demi Moore Speaks Out Against Elephant Cruelty

Making a preemptive strike to hope that her voice helps sway voters, Demi Moore has written a letter to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in regards to the treatment of elephants.

The Board of Commisioners will be voting on a proposal that would protects elephants in circuses by banning the use of bullhooks in the county - which Miss Moore desperately wants to ensure passes.

The always-active "Ghost" actress said in her letter:

"Dear Commissioner:

I am writing in support of a proposal that would protect elephants in circuses by banning the use of bullhooks and similar devices in Fulton County.

A bullhook is an ugly device that looks like a fireplace poker?it's a heavy rod with a sharp metal hook and spike on one end that is used by trainers to beat, jab, hook, and yank elephants in order to force them to perform difficult and confusing tricks. Their use also leads to injuries such as puncture wounds and abscesses.

My friends at PETA have gathered irrefutable evidence showing that the use of bullhooks to abuse elephants in circuses is routine. A recent undercover investigation of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus revealed that elephants were struck repeatedly with bullhooks in order to intimidate them and remind them that they need to do as they're told or suffer the painful consequences. And photos from Ringling's training compound illustrate that this abuse starts at a very early age. Baby elephants are torn from their mothers, bound with ropes, slammed to the ground, and gouged with bullhooks during violent training sessions. A trainer with the one of the elephant suppliers for UniverSoul Circus was caught on video viciously attacking elephants with a bullhook and instructing others to sink bullhooks into elephants' flesh and twist them until the animals screamed in pain.

Today, elephant sanctuaries and most zoos?including Zoo Atlanta?never use bullhooks or other weapon-like tools to punish elephants. Corporal punishment has been replaced with positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise. I hope you will extend that inherent decency to elephants used in circuses. I urge you to ban bullhooks. The elephants deserve our kindness, respect, and protection.

Thank you for your time. I can be reached through PETA's Michelle Cho at [contact information redacted].

Yours truly,

Demi Moore"

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/demi-moore/demi-moore-speaks-out-against-elephant-cruelty-510248

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Photos | Celebs Bid Farewell To Oprah Winfrey At Her Final Show Tapings

Celebs Bid Farewell To Oprah Winfrey At Her Final Show Tapings

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'Kung Fu Panda 2': The Reviews Are In!

One reviewer calls sequel 'both meditative and immensely entertaining.'
By Eric Ditzian

"Kung Fu Panda 2"
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Over at MTV Movies Blog, we've already laid out the five reasons you need to see "Kung Fu Panda 2." From Jack Black's manically hilarious turn as Po to some wickedly creative fight scenes, this sequel is a ton of fun.

But hey, don't just take our word for it. Reviewers are riding high on this animal adventure, a follow-up to DreamWorks' 2008 animated hit, celebrating the lush visuals and the top-notch voice performance Black delivers. Dissenters are few and far between, and their criticisms read more like nitpicking and fail to acknowledge that kids will undoubtedly get a kick out of this flick.

The Story
"Deepening the surprising maturity of its predecessor, the movie successfully takes story beats from classic kung fu stories and dials back on the humor without letting things get too dark and dramatic, creating a work that is both meditative and immensely entertaining. Picking up where the first film left off, Po (Jack Black) has eased into his position as the Dragon Warrior, when the world of kung fu is threatened by the return of Lord Shen (Gary Oldman), a villain who has built a weapon of mass destruction. What Po doesn't know, however, is that Lord Shen holds the key to his history and the knowledge of who he really is. Working with the kung fu masters known as the Furious Five (Angelina Jolie, David Cross, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen and Jackie Chan), Po is not only on a mission to save China, but on a journey of self-discovery." — Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend

The Performances
"Aside from crisp visuals and no-fat way with martial arts movie traditions, the biggest achievement of the 'Kung Fu Panda' movies is how they distill their star's very Jack Black-ness down to its most bearable form. Always the wildest guy in the room, Black has turned into a living 'Gulliver's Travels.' Yet here, as in the first 'KFP,' he gives a charmingly vulnerable but sly vocal performance, with plenty of sass and a decent side order of soul." — Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

The Visuals
"Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson's background in design and animation seems to have informed the best parts of 'Kung Fu Panda 2' — its splendid palette of color and detail, rich but crisp and balanced (Guillermo del Toro served as a creative consultant, and one of Po's murky, indelible nightmares bears his distinctive mark); and that palette's harmony with both the engaged use of 3-D and the witty and well-defined battle sequences." — Michelle Orange, Movieline

The Dissenters
"This one plays with some unusually dark and upsetting material. Its escalation of evil messes up the high-spirited sweetness that was the most winning feature of the first movie. Po's clumsy, goofy eagerness no longer seems quite as amusing now that he is a psychologically damaged warrior. And his action-team entourage, drawn from various species of animal and movie star — praying mantis, tiger, monkey, etc; Seth Rogen, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, etc. — do more to crowd the picture than to enliven it." — A.O. Scott, The New York Times

The Final Word
"There is a price to be paid for the visual razzle-dazzle — wonderful complexity against a simple story that could have benefited from some bulking up (layered, not longer). Still with Black shelving his usual snark for Po's self-deprecating charm, Jolie making Tigress terrifyingly overqualified for everything as only she can do, Rogen's Mantis showing the actor's growing facility for voicing animation and [Dustin] Hoffman, as ever, the guru everyone wants, they've brought this warrior's tale to kicking, spinning, bone-crunching, feather-flying life." — Betsey Sharkey, Los Angeles Times

Check out everything we've got on "Kung Fu Panda 2."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit MTVMoviesBlog.com.

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Beyonce 'Nailed It' In 'Girls' Video, Choreographer Says

'It was really important to her to find a world that was unique to her look,' Frank Gatson Jr. of desert location.
By Jocelyn Vena

Beyoncé in her music video for "Run The World (Girls)"
Photo: Columbia

Beyoncé enlisted lots of wild animals, some stunning couture and 242 dancers for her just-released "Run the World (Girls)" video. The moves reflect several genres of dance, from jazz, street, hip-hop to African, and her choreographer tells MTV News that was all part of the plan.

"We prepared a lot for it. We had seen something on YouTube; we had seen these three guys from Africa, this Mozambique African dance troupe ... we were like, 'Wow, this is an amazing movement,' " B's longtime choreographer, Frank Gatson Jr., told us about the Francis Lawrence-directed video. "And that movement has always been in the back of our head for the last year. From there, we talked about a lot of concepts."

The concept the team ended up settling on was a desert landscape ruled by two forces: Beyoncé and her supermodel minions and a very unwelcoming opposing army. "The environment, I have to give her and Francis that credit. She really challenged Francis on finding a world that's unique to her. We could have easily done it in downtown L.A. We could have easily done it in downtown New York, but it was really important to her to find a world that was unique to her look and image to her new project," he explained of the video for the lead single off her June release, 4.

While Beyoncé is the pop star, Gatson is quick to give credit to all of the dancers in the clip, including some that the team enlisted from Africa. "We say, 'Share the light, you sparkle brighter,' and we share our light with a lot of new, creative people. I feel like we really nailed it and, again, my hats off to the Tofo Tofo guys [from Africa], 'cause none of us could imitate that," he said. "We had to bring them around to learn that [move], which is really, really interesting. They had such a great vocabulary of movement."

Those two dancers not only helped shape the moves in the video, but also moved Beyoncé. "That was probably one of the most beautiful experiences for Beyoncé. They were so humbled," he said. "It was hard finding them. They were really in a remote area; we had to get the embassy people involved. That was a process that took about two months or more. Beyoncé really loved them and I'm pretty sure we'll see them again. It was magical."

What do you think of the moves in the "Run the World (Girls)" video? Tell us in the comments!

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'Hangover Part II' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

With the comedy sequel premiering on Thursday (May 26), we prepare you for what to expect when the 'Hangover' boys head to Bangkok.
By Eric Ditzian

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis
Photo: Warner Bros.

" 'The Hangover' was lightning in a bottle," director Todd Phillips told us back in September of his $467 million-grossing comedy. "You can't judge other successes or other movies based on it."

Well, what if you just so happen to catch that lightning again? And what if, it turns out, you managed to bottle a whole lot more this time? Then can we do some comparing and contrasting with the original? Perhaps even Phillips wouldn't object at this point, with some industry insiders suggesting that "The Hangover Part II" could reel in more than $120 million domestically over the five-day Memorial Day holiday weekend. No R-rated film in history has opened to more than $100 million in box-office receipts.

So how did Phillips & Co. reach this ultra-lucrative point? To understand that, we have to flash all the way back to before the June 2009 release of the original "Hangover," when the film was testing so well in early screenings that Warner Bros. started making plans for a sequel. Just after the flick opened to $45 million, another "Hangover" was officially a go. Where the filmmakers went from there is something you'll find out below in another MTV News cheat sheet: everything you need to know about "The Hangover Part II."

Sobering Up "We were thinking of sequel ideas when we were shooting, which sounds cocky, but we were doing it more because it was just fun to talk about ideas while hanging out on the set," Phillips told us in June 2009. "Two weeks ago I was saying, 'Let's see how it works out.' Now that the movie has really connected, it's something we're doing for sure."

The question was, would all four stars — Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha — return for a new adventure? And how would Phillips spin another "Hangover" story after a ridiculous, couldn't-possibly-happen-twice tale set in Las Vegas? By December of that year, Phillips seemed to have his answer — he just wasn't going to let the secret get out. "It doesn't take place in Vegas, but it's certainly the same characters," he revealed.

Then Phillips and his team kept their heads down and worked on a script — one which, we found out nearly a year later, would take the Wolf Pack to Thailand for the wedding of Helms' character, Stu. True to Galifianakis' word, shooting kicked off in the fall of 2010.

Glug, Glug, Glug Our first peek at the "Hangover Part II" production came in October 2010, with a shot of the boys in an airport (Ontario doubling for LAX) on their way to Southeast Asia. That same month, news broke that Mel Gibson had signed on for a brief cameo as a tattoo artist. But after cast protests reportedly cropped up, the controversial actor was dropped from the film and Liam Neeson was hired to take over the role. (Neeson, in turn, was eventually replaced by Nick Cassavetes). "We just had a long talk about it, I explained it," Phillips told us of his conversation with Gibson to let him know about the recasting. "He certainly understood, you know. He wasn't happy, but he certainly wasn't upset. I mean, it just was kind of a bummer because I think he understood the intention of the casting and the role."

Production wrapped up on January 1 of this year, and a teaser trailer dropped the next month. "It's truly a teaser, so it might end up frustrating more than solving questions," Phillips told us shortly before the promo arrived. He wasn't kidding: We could tell that the pals were in Thailand, that things were not turning out very well for them and that Helms somehow got stamped with a Mike Tyson-style facial tattoo. But other than that, plot info was hard to come by. A full "Hangover Part II" trailer appeared in April, giving us more information about the storyline. The shenanigans get started after Stu's rehearsal dinner, when one beachside drink leads to the guys waking up in a shady hotel. Stu's soon-to-be brother-in-law is missing; Ken Jeong's hilarious gangster, Mr. Chow, is hanging out; and everyone has to get back to the resort before the wedding ceremony is set to begin. Helms told us. "Oh, and also hilarious. I forgot that ... Lots of craziness happened on set, and you'll see all of that in the movie."

Cooper declared that he believes the second film is funnier than the first, which made any initial nervousness secondary to his enthusiasm. "I think it was more excitement once we got the second script, which was really wonderful — actually stronger than the first one," Cooper said. "It was just utter excitement to play these characters again and hopefully deliver a movie where fans will be excited to see what happened. We get to see where [Galifianakis'] Alan lives, we get to see Stu progress to two years, [my] Phil as well, so I think it was just exciting to hopefully provide a lot more comedy for people who liked the first one."

That's exactly what Phillips is hoping too. "I think there are very few sequels that have been made that live up to or exceed their first film. 'The Godfather' is the first one," he told us. "We had always planned on calling it 'The Hangover 2,' and when we finished the script, I changed the cover page and wrote 'The Hangover Part II,' because I think the film lives up to or exceeds the first one. It was very much a nod to 'The Godfather.' "

Check out everything we've got on "The Hangover Part II."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit MTVMoviesBlog.com.

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Drake & Lil Wayne Share Memorial Day Weekend Bromance In Vegas

Lil Wayne and Drake hit Las Vegas this weekend (after partying it up at King of Diamonds strip club Friday night in the MIA) to perform at Rehab.  How fitting.


Pics of Weezy, his bottled water, and Drake having a good ol time poolside in Vegas when you read on...

While performing at the Hard Rock's pool Rehab, the Young Money crew kicked it, got the crowd crunk, and took a dip in the pool:

Weezy and Drizzy hit the stage together.


Weezy kicked it with Lil Twist.  How old is that dude anyway??


Even Lakers baller (and Gloria Govan's fiance') Matt Barnes and other ballers got in on the Young Money love.  Fun times.


Source: http://theybf.com/2011/05/30/drake-lil-wayne-share-memorial-day-weekend-bromance-in-vegas

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Marcia Cross' Family Fun

Such a sweet family!

Marcia Cross spent Memorial Day weekend with her husband Tom Mahoney and their 4-year-old twins Savannah (pictured above) and Eden. The Desperate Housewives star and her family were spotted at the beach in Santa Monica, California today, running around in the sand and surf (May 30).

Top Story? (feature beneath menu): 

Source: http://celebritybabyscoop.com/2011/05/31/marcia-cross-family%20fun

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Photos | What Beyonce Might Be Like At Home

What Beyonce Might Be Like At Home

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Is NBC?s The Biggest Loser Gaining a Winner?

Tennis star Anna Kournikova will reportedly join the training crew of The Biggest Loser next season. Anna will be replacing Jillian Michaels, who announced her departure from the hit show in order to focus on family.

Anna is no stranger to fitness. At 15, the tennis champion made her debut in the US Open and was named ESPN?s Hottest Female Athlete in 2002. The talented tennis player is expected to really "serve up" her expertise for the contestants of next season?s fitness challenge.

An official announcement regarding Anna?s role on The Biggest Loser is expected after the show's season finale on Tuesday, May 24, PopEater reports.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/InTouchWeekly/~3/_gOyf6XHzhY/is_nbcs_the_biggest_loser_gain.php

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Snooki: Detained by Italian Police

In news that would only be less shocking if she were wasted at the time, Snooki plowed into a police car in Italy today and was taken into custody.

Sources tell TMZ that alcohol actually did not play a role in the incident, as the Jersey Shore star simply crashed into the back of the patrol car, ending up with her vehicle stuck between the cop's ride and a highway protection wall.

JWoww was a passenger had to escape through the window. Snooki was taken to the local police station, but not formally arrested.

Snooki in Italy

Dear Italy: We really are sorry.

[Photo: WENN.com]

Source: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2011/05/snooki-detained-by-italian-police/

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Selena Gomez No Longer Hides Her "Bieber Fever"

Selena Gomez congratulated Justin Bieber with a live TV lip-lock as his name was announced for Top New Artist at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. Although the relationship has been public for months, the young couple seems to be increasingly comfortable showing their PDA. The two arrived together to the award show in Las Vegas and were seen getting cozy in the audience while enjoying performances by Britney Spears, Rihanna and Beyonc�.

But, the couple has plans to take their affection out of the public eye once again, this time, on vacation. According to E! Online, the young stars won?t be traveling too far and instead will find a private getaway in the States.

"After working their butts off, they've carved out some serious time to hang out," a source tells E! Online. "They're taking a well-deserved break together.? Following the completing of his concert tour and the filming of her music video, Justin and Selena will find some time for each other and their families.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/InTouchWeekly/~3/iGw9_7lT5kc/selena_gomez_no_longer_hides_h.php

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Beyonc� - Ego


Source: http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?artist=1236911&vid=391548

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Snooki: Detained by Italian Police

In news that would only be less shocking if she were wasted at the time, Snooki plowed into a police car in Italy today and was taken into custody.

Sources tell TMZ that alcohol actually did not play a role in the incident, as the Jersey Shore star simply crashed into the back of the patrol car, ending up with her vehicle stuck between the cop's ride and a highway protection wall.

JWoww was a passenger had to escape through the window. Snooki was taken to the local police station, but not formally arrested.

Snooki in Italy

Dear Italy: We really are sorry.

[Photo: WENN.com]

Source: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2011/05/snooki-detained-by-italian-police/

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Beyonce's 'Run The World (Girls)' Video: Fans Sound Off!

After video's 'American Idol' premiere, B's fans say it 'looks fabulous,' compare her to Lady Gaga.
By James Montgomery

Beyoncé in her music video for "Run the World (Girls)"
Photo: Columbia

On Wednesday night during "American Idol" (and then on her official website), Beyoncé premiered her new video for "Run the World (Girls)": an eye-popping, hip-displacing clip full of haute couture costuming, daring dance steps and even a little geocentric gender-politicking.

Of course, most of that is nothing new for a Bey video: But what is new about "Run the World," both the song and the video, is the brash new edge she's displaying. Over Major Lazer's rattling "Pon de Floor," Beyoncé gets hard, proudly proclaiming that it's the girls who are really running things. And the video doesn't pull any punches, either. She's never strutted or preened the way she does here. And, the dance moves: Well, let's just say she probably had her chiropractor on speed-dial following the shoot.

As is often the case when a beloved artist pushes the envelope, reaction to "Run the World" has been mixed. Some fans praise her new direction, while others are a bit mystified. At the same time, some didn't think the song or the video went far enough. And then there are the complaints about the video's choreography (not hot enough!) and the comparisons to Lady Gaga (they're wearing similar shoes!).

In fact, the debate has gotten so fierce that we decided to spotlight some of it. Below are comments by B's fans and critics, both of whom couldn't wait to weigh in on her new song, video and attitude. And if you still haven't added your two cents, you can do so in the comments below.

"I am a die-hard Beyoncé fan, I really like her as a person and for the artist she is, but this song really SUCKS. Beyoncé can do way better than this. Still really lookin' forward to the new album but I hope that the songs are better than that one." — Rikira

"People aren't accepting of this song because it's not a typical pop song arrangement. Everyone is so used to everything sounding the same on the radio, so Bey brings something different and people aren't feeling it? Just wait until she performs it live. You know that if she performs this at the VMA's this WILL be the most highly anticipated performance and WILL be the best one of the night." — StunnaSton7

"Looks fabulous, but what Bey video doesn't? It seems kind of safe though, she could've pushed the envelope much further. It's written here that it was supposed to be post-apocalyptic ... the outfits should have been more tattered. No glamour, no accessories, just dramatic makeup. An AK-47 or bazooka would've sufficed for Bey herself to hold and work with." — BackdraftBelle

"What in the world? Beyoncé has officially lost it. She kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga ... She has changed tremendously." — Chanel Glover

"I don't understand why people HATE so much. This video is awesome, she came back hard despite not having a good reception for the single.

Stop with the comparisons she is the QUEEN." — Tayvion Meadows

"Choreography is much weaker than I expected. Predictable." — James Barnette

"I love you B, but the Sean Bankhead production put your video to sleep." — Amber Barrons

"I'm def a Bey fan, but was not a fan of this song ... until now. I love the video, and will def be working out some of these moves this weekend at party near you!" — Brandi Wood

"Definitely a disappointment from Beyoncé ... [both the] song and video. Plus I believe it's a slap in the face to Major Lazer!" — Mattie Brown

"I don't know about anyone else, but I actually get symbolism in the video, and I love the song. Complete departure from anything else that's happening on the radio at the moment in terms of pop. I love her and she runs it." — Pearl Sakoane

Share your review of the "Run the World (Girls)" video below!

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Photos | Alicia Keys Brings Jay-Z, Beyonce To Her New York Show

Alicia Keys Brings Jay-Z, Beyonce To Her New York Show

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Nicky Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo's Rooftop Wedding Shower

Readying themselves for their upcoming "I Do's" with a holiday weekend celebration, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo hosted a wedding shower at the London Hotel in West Hollywood on Sunday evening (May 29).

The pair greeted their party guests to their rooftop celebration around 7 p.m., of which one insider told, "Nick and Vanessa greeted guests hand-in-hand. Vanessa looked gorgeous in a white dress with a black sash. She and Nick both seemed very excited to celebrate with their families and friends."

After filling up one some delicious dishes prepared by chef Gordon Ramsay's kitchen, attendees hit the dance floor, as a source revealed, "Everyone seemed to have a great time. It was a laidback, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Guests danced until the late hours."

Among the gifts Hollywood's hot couple unwrapped were Waterford Waterford champagne flutes, a Feinberg English Silver wine funnel and Juliska Berry & Thread whitewash dinnerware.

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/vanessa-minnillo/nicky-lachey-vanessa-minnillos-rooftop-wedding-shower-509890

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Family Comes First For RHONJ?s Caroline Manzo

The premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was very emotional for the cast, as the Gorgas and Giudices got carried away in a sibling battle. The christening of little Joey Gorga erupted into a heated argument that brought tears to Joe Gorga?s eyes as he watched at the premiere party. Caroline Manzo shared her reaction to the "explosive situation" with In Touch: ?I was speechless, just speechless. And when I watched it a second time, it made me cry.?

Caroline sat holding hands with the devastated Joe as they watched the unfortunate fight and offered up her words of wisdom, ?Joe, it happened, look at it this way, it can?t get worse than this. Now you just have to accept it and move on."

For Caroline, family comes first. ?I have 11 brothers and sisters and we fight like crazy, but we always make up" she said. "Every family fights, but at the end of the day we're family, we love each other and that's all that matters.? She seemed confident that the Gorgas and the Giudices will make up and believes the argument got so passionate because there was so much love and hurt between the siblings.

?There was so much pent-up emotion over the years, and unfortunately it got caught on television,? Caroline told In Touch. ?But they love each other, and I know they'll work it out.?

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Beyonce's 'Till The End Of Time' Hits The Internet

Song is rumored to be next single off the pop singer's new album, 4.
By James Dinh

Photo: Getty

Days after the premiere of the postapocalyptic dance clip for "Run the World (Girls)," Beyoncé fans are now being treated to the recently leaked tune "Till the End of Time." Rumored to be the next single off Beyoncé's new album, 4, which hits stores on June 28, the uptempo track has the pop powerhouse professing her everlasting love.

"Till the End of Time" begins with spitfire drums as Bey's muffled lyric line loops over and over again until a dramatic explosion. "Come take my hand/ I won't let you go/ I'll be your friend/ I will love you so deeply/ I will be the one to kiss you at night/ I will love you till the end of time," she sings atop an airy buildup.

Mrs. Carter continues her appeal, convincing her lover that she is the one who'll be there at the end of every night and, as the song goes, "till the end of time." The song, reminiscent of an older Destiny's Child cut, has Beyoncé keeping the energy level high with marching band-esque drums. Bey also belts over the bridge's horn sequence.

No confirmation yet from Beyoncé's camp as to whether the track will appear on the singer's new LP. The recipient of Billboard's Millennium Award recently revealed that she recorded "more than 60 songs" for the new project, which includes the LP's lead single, "Run the World (Girls)."

MTV News caught up with Bey's longtime choreographer, Frank Gatson Jr., who gave us the scoop on her team's inspiration for the Francis Lawrence-directed video for "Run the World."

"We prepared a lot for it. We had seen something on YouTube; we had seen these three guys from Africa, this Mozambique African dance troupe. ... We were like, 'Wow, this is an amazing movement,' " he said. "And that movement has always been in the back of our heads for the last year. From there, we talked about a lot of concepts."

What do you think of "Till the End of Time"? Share your reviews below!

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Roseanne Barr to Play Chelsea Handler's Aunt in New Sitcom?

Roseanne Barr to Play Chelsea Handler's Aunt in New Sitcom?

It looks like Roseanne Barr is making a play to return to primetime TV. First came the news, back in February, that Lifetime TV has ordered a season of Roseanne's Nuts, a reality series about her attempt to manage a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. (Random!) And now The Hollywood Reporter says she's close to signing a deal to play Chelsea Handler's aunt in NBC's midseason comedy, Are You There, Vodka? It's Me Chelsea.

The sitcom sounds perfect for this irreverent comedian. Created by Handler (and based on her book of the same name), the show is a semi-autobiographical look at the talk-show host's younger days as a hard-drinking, promiscuous bartender. Laura Prepon plays Handler's young self, and Handler plays her older sister, Sloan. Barr will make a number of guest appearances as her aunt -- no doubt with her own character flaws or, at least, very loud opinions!

Originally Barr was set to cameo on the show as a lesbian prison inmate, but that role went to Dot Marie Jones (Glee's scary Coach Beiste). 

For a time, Barr was arguably the most omnipresent star on TV. Her sitcom, Roseanne, aired from 1988-1997, and her personal life (bad romances, big weight fluctuations, family scandals) was the stuff of tabloid editors' dreams. But the 58-year-old comic has seemingly been -- dare we say it? -- lying low of late. Well, at least she hasn't been front and center on TV.

Sure, she's been around, doing stand-up comedy tours, hosting a radio show, writing three books, filming some TV guest spots and starring in a recent commercial for Snickers that was one of the most popular ads during the 2011 Super Bowl. But now she seems to be ready for a grander return to TV. The question is, are we?

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THG Caption Contest: A Great Day For a Guinness!

Welcome, gossip fans, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

Before meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton in the UK, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama visited Ireland earlier in the week.

What do you think they were saying/thinking in the photo below?

You tell us! Just click "Comments" below and submit your best caption(s)! Go to it! We'll announce a winner Tuesday. Best of luck to all ...


[Photo: WENN.com]

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio: Bikini Top Model Mommy

Showing off her fit and fine figure, Alessandra Ambrosio enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach in Malibu, California on Sunday (May 29).

The Victoria's Secret supermodel mommy donned a shiny silver bikini top and jean shorts as she strutted along the shoreline with daughter Anja and babydaddy Jamie Mazur.

Once the holiday weekend comes to a close, Miss Ambrosio will be packing her bags and making her way to the sunshine state for work duties.

The 30-year-old is all set to take to Miami, Florida as part of the cross-country ?Bombshell Summer Tour? for Victoria?s Secret - with a planned appearance scheduled to take place at the Victoria?s Secret Lincoln Road store on Thursday, June 2nd.

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Lady Gaga 'Started To Cry' When She First Heard 'Marry The Night'

'Imagine if Bruce Springsteen had a baby with Whitney Houston — that's what it is,' she says of Fernando Garibay-produced Born This Way track.
By MTV News staff

Lady Gaga
Photo: MTV News

Lady Gaga has been working with producer Fernando Garibay for years, with the first fruits of their labor being the Fame Monster deep cut "Dance in the Dark." But, as Lady Gaga put it in MTV's "Inside the Outside" documentary that premiered Thursday, the pair had yet to "conceive" a hit record when she began work on Born This Way.

That all changed when Gaga heard the church-bell-filled sounds Garibay had concocted while on the road for the Monster Ball Tour.

"He goes, 'Your show is a religion and your fans are a cult,' " Gaga recalled. "It's this epic music. It's just so big. And I started to cry. He said, 'What's wrong?' And I said, 'I can't believe that you hear me so big.' "

Gaga sat down, and lyrics for what would become the Born This Way track "Marry the Night" just started pouring out: "I'm gonna marry the night/ I won't give up on my life."

"It's like Whitney, but imagine if Bruce Springsteen had a baby with Whitney Houston — that's what it is," she said. "And that was it! We made a baby. Finally. After all that fornication, miserably long and tedious, Fernando and I finally conceived."

When MTV News sat down with Garibay, he told his side of the "Marry the Night" conception. "I just kind of got on the American leg of the tour — this was after Australia — and she goes, 'I want to write another song that can define where I'm at with this album and my life.' "

So Garibay listened again to their first collaboration, "Dance in the Dark," and tried to top that energy. "I remember being backstage and hearing the concert start, so I go out there and hear 'Dance in the Dark' open up the whole concert, and I wanted to outdo that feeling. I wanted to outdo that moment that opens up the show. I'm just that way."

Garibay did his thing while Gaga was onstage doing hers. "I go back to the studio bus; I'm just like working on parts, working on parts, and then, two hours later, she comes offstage, and she goes, 'Do you have something to play me?' " he said. "And I go, 'I do, actually. It's a little different, but I think you'll like it.'

"So I played her the instrumental for 'Marry the Night,' and she goes, 'I love it, but can you change this?' So she starts changing around a few chords, and then she goes, 'Open up a mic.' ... She starts laying down the whole song, like, off the cuff. She didn't have time to live with it. She kind of meditated a few minutes, and then it's like, 'OK, I'm ready. Let's go.' And right offstage, using the energy of that crowd and going into the studio, it was amazing. I can't compare it to anything."

That incomparable feeling was exactly what Gaga was aiming for with Garibay: "I kept saying to him, 'I don't want to do anything I've done before, I don't want to sound like anything I've done before, I don't want to feel like anything I've done before. I want it to be new.' "

Do you think "Marry the Night" tops "Dance in the Dark"? Let us know in the comments!

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