Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheryl Cole Asks For "X Factor" Dismissal Explanation

Having headed back to Britain after being dismissed as an "X Factor" U.S. judge, Cheryl Cole was reportedly secluded in a secret location while speaking about her firing for the first time.

According to The Mirror, the former Girls Aloud singer was even pondering an exit from the UK version of the show - as she's been given an ultimatum by ITV bosses in regards to getting back to the her duties on the popular music competition show.

The Mirror report goes on to tell that Miss Cole opened up to a friend while asking, ?Why did Simon Cowell do this to me??

Cheryl is also said to be at a loss as to why the U.S. "X Factor" dismissal took place, saying, ?I still haven?t been given a reason."

As for the ultimatum in regards to her UK TV duties, Simon is said to have chastised Cheryl about her ruing over the failed go in the States.

Cowell reportedly told her, ?Do you want �another job on more money? It?s a simple question: Yes or No?"

An ITV insider added, "She?s been told to grow up and pick yourself up or you?ll lose the British show too. It?s tough, but we start filming the UK program on Wednesday. No one is bigger than the show, that?s what she has to realize. If �Cheryl doesn?t want to do it we?ll just go on without her. It?s very worrying that she?s �refusing to engage with us. We need a dialogue but she won?t answer the phone. Cheryl needs to call us. She needs to call home.?


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