Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MAGAZINE FAB: Zoe Kravitz Covers The July 2011 Issue Of "ASOS" Magazine

Zoe Kravitz covers the July 2011 issue of ASOS Magazine's Festival Issue.  See pics inside and find out what she thinks about being an "IT" girl....  

Zoe Kravitz has been in the spotlight for years.  Having a rockstar father, Lenny Kravitz, and a famously beautiful actress mother, Lisa Bonet, it's only natural that Zoe would attract the attention of designers and photographers.

In the July issue of ASOS magazine, she talked about being an "IT" girl:

 "All that 'it girl' shit makes me kind of uncomfortable. I'm only at
the beginning of my career, but I feel successful in that I haven't
sold out in any way, shape or form. I feel good about the choices
I've made, and I don't feel like I've let go of any of my values.
Fame has become this obsession for people, which kind of creeps me

She also talked about her parents' boho-chic style of dress:

"I used to be a little embarrassed by how she (mom Lisa Bonet) and my
dad (Lenny Kravitz) would dress...but now I steal their clothes all
the time."

Zoe is starring in X-Men: The First Class which is set for release on Friday. About filming the flick in London, she talked about how her and the cast--including her boyfriend--kicked it around town:

"We (Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and boyfriend Michael Fassbender) were living in London for four months and it was like X-Men summer camp, so we all hung out at each other's houses after filming, went out to pubs...I lived in Notting Hill, right by Portobello...I'm spending all my money on flea-market shopping!"

Pics from her uber cute spread:



So colorful.  Loves it.  Watch the behind-the-scenes video here.

Photos via Danielle Levitt/Styling by Zeba Lowe

Source: http://theybf.com/2011/05/31/magazine-fab-zoe-kravitz-covers-the-july-2011-issue-of-asos-magazine

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