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Beyonce's 'Run The World (Girls)' Video: Fans Sound Off!

After video's 'American Idol' premiere, B's fans say it 'looks fabulous,' compare her to Lady Gaga.
By James Montgomery

Beyoncé in her music video for "Run the World (Girls)"
Photo: Columbia

On Wednesday night during "American Idol" (and then on her official website), Beyoncé premiered her new video for "Run the World (Girls)": an eye-popping, hip-displacing clip full of haute couture costuming, daring dance steps and even a little geocentric gender-politicking.

Of course, most of that is nothing new for a Bey video: But what is new about "Run the World," both the song and the video, is the brash new edge she's displaying. Over Major Lazer's rattling "Pon de Floor," Beyoncé gets hard, proudly proclaiming that it's the girls who are really running things. And the video doesn't pull any punches, either. She's never strutted or preened the way she does here. And, the dance moves: Well, let's just say she probably had her chiropractor on speed-dial following the shoot.

As is often the case when a beloved artist pushes the envelope, reaction to "Run the World" has been mixed. Some fans praise her new direction, while others are a bit mystified. At the same time, some didn't think the song or the video went far enough. And then there are the complaints about the video's choreography (not hot enough!) and the comparisons to Lady Gaga (they're wearing similar shoes!).

In fact, the debate has gotten so fierce that we decided to spotlight some of it. Below are comments by B's fans and critics, both of whom couldn't wait to weigh in on her new song, video and attitude. And if you still haven't added your two cents, you can do so in the comments below.

"I am a die-hard Beyoncé fan, I really like her as a person and for the artist she is, but this song really SUCKS. Beyoncé can do way better than this. Still really lookin' forward to the new album but I hope that the songs are better than that one." — Rikira

"People aren't accepting of this song because it's not a typical pop song arrangement. Everyone is so used to everything sounding the same on the radio, so Bey brings something different and people aren't feeling it? Just wait until she performs it live. You know that if she performs this at the VMA's this WILL be the most highly anticipated performance and WILL be the best one of the night." — StunnaSton7

"Looks fabulous, but what Bey video doesn't? It seems kind of safe though, she could've pushed the envelope much further. It's written here that it was supposed to be post-apocalyptic ... the outfits should have been more tattered. No glamour, no accessories, just dramatic makeup. An AK-47 or bazooka would've sufficed for Bey herself to hold and work with." — BackdraftBelle

"What in the world? Beyoncé has officially lost it. She kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga ... She has changed tremendously." — Chanel Glover

"I don't understand why people HATE so much. This video is awesome, she came back hard despite not having a good reception for the single.

Stop with the comparisons she is the QUEEN." — Tayvion Meadows

"Choreography is much weaker than I expected. Predictable." — James Barnette

"I love you B, but the Sean Bankhead production put your video to sleep." — Amber Barrons

"I'm def a Bey fan, but was not a fan of this song ... until now. I love the video, and will def be working out some of these moves this weekend at party near you!" — Brandi Wood

"Definitely a disappointment from Beyoncé ... [both the] song and video. Plus I believe it's a slap in the face to Major Lazer!" — Mattie Brown

"I don't know about anyone else, but I actually get symbolism in the video, and I love the song. Complete departure from anything else that's happening on the radio at the moment in terms of pop. I love her and she runs it." — Pearl Sakoane

Share your review of the "Run the World (Girls)" video below!

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