Friday, May 27, 2011

Candy Spelling On Tori And Dean: ?They?re Great Parents!?

Candy Spelling can?t contain her joy about being a grandma? again! The proud grandmother to daughter Tori Spelling?s children, Liam, 4, and Stella, 2, glowed at the 56th Annual Drama Desk Awards in NYC as she told In Touch that she?s expecting not one, but two new grandchildren! ?My daughter is expecting in October, and Randy, my son, is expecting next week,? Candy said. ?They get married and they start multiplying! My son lives in Portland, so I can only visit them once in a while. But for my daughter, I have two car seats now. I guess I?ll have to get a third one.?

Candy added that Tori, 38, and Dean, 44, are ?great parents? -- and a fertile couple! ?I asked her in the beginning, are you trying to get pregnant? She said ?No, we weren?t trying. It happened.??

And how does her busy daughter juggle raising a family and a reality TV career? ?She seems to handle it? Candy laughed. ?When you have nannies and you have a grandma, it?s okay!?

Candy also shared that her daughter doesn?t care whether the baby is a boy or a girl. ?She has one of each, so now whatever it is, it is! I love them both!?

Of course, being a grandma has its privileges! ?I like that I can spoil them,? Candy added. ?Last week, I was in their tap and ballet class. Stella was so happy to see her mom, because she?s usually working and she can?t come. She came and they were shooting it on the show. Tori turns around to me and said, ?Mom, what are you doing? You gave her gum?? And I said, ?I did? I don?t know where she got it.? ?


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