Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mama Knows Best: Jim Jones' Mom Breaks It Down About Jealousy, Jim's Girlfriend Chrissy, And "Love & Hip Hop"

Jim Jones' mother, Nancy Jones aka Mama Jones, stopped by The Breakfast Club in NYC to discuss the show "Love & Hip Hop," her relationship with Chrissy (Jim's girlfriend), and about being a jealous mother. 

During the conversation she also dishes on Cam’ron, Snoop Dogg and her new career as a rapper (yeah you read that right) and fashion designer.  See the highlights inside...


Frankie 2.0-- Nancy Jones--stopped by The Breakfast Club for a fun interview that included many four-letter words and Nancy talking about her new clothing line that produces a t-shirt that reads, "I'm a psychotic b*tch."  See the highlights:

On protecting her son:

Nancy says she does not like ANYONE who dates her son.  She says she is a very protective mother.  "I'm kinda lika a jealous mom.  I want the best."  Nancy describes herself as a "psychotic mom" who will do anything to protect her babies.

On Jim's girlfriend Chrissy and the proposal:

When asked about Chrissy proposing to Jim on the show, Nancy's response was "Yea....she did.  Yea...she did."  She does add that Chrissy is a beautiful person but because of their personalities they often clash.  Nancy says no matter what, she need to understand I am numero uno.

On Jim Jones' party and being controlling:

She says the show doesn't show all the dynamics of her relationship with Chrissy.  Although it may look like she is disrespectful to Chrissy (especially at the party) Nancy says Chrissy is a tough woman herself.  "You can't just push her around." She says their relationship is very up and down.

On rumors of Jim Jones' father surfacing up on a hip hop blog:

Nancy got very upset when they began to talk about the man posing as Jim's father on another hip hop site.  She said, "I was so pi**sed off about that.  I said he don't even look Puerto Rican.  I would not ever f**k nothing like that.  He's lying."  LAWD.  She says that Jim did have a relationship with his dad, whom has since passed away.

On Jim and Cam'ron back togeher again:

She says she is very excited that the two are back working together.  "It's a beautiful thing to me." 

On her rap career:

Nancy has a new single called "Psychotic."  She says the song is hot and she is rapping.  She says she wants to reach out to Snoop Dogg and work with him.

On the women of "Love & Hip Hop":

She says Somaya is her favorite female on the show. "She's a beautiful person and I really like it."  Alrighty then...

On Frankie Lons:

When the name Frankie (Keyshia Cole's mom) is brought up, Nancy says she couldn't see the two of them hanging together or being friends. REALLY?

On her clothing line:

She has a new clothing line called "Dipwear" as well as a few other projects in the fashion industry.  She decided to start Dipwear in honor of her son.

On her love life:

Nancy revealed that she is married.  Her husband calls her Lucy and she calls him Ricky Ricardo.


Whether they will ever hang out or not, Nancy is pretty fun to listen that whole Frankie kinda way.  Listen to the full audio here.


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