Friday, September 23, 2011

Tweets From The Hollywood Nest

@MarioLopezExtra I'm actually kinda starstruck.... Octomom!! Whoa

@moonfrye I told my 3 year old tonight that I lost my voice and she said "Well, go find it!"

@KourtneyKardash I slept in today and it was heavenly! My cold is almost gone finally. Lots of tea and herbs today. I got @KimKardashian sick...oops!

@michellebranch Happy first day of fall! You know what that means? My two favorite holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

@brookeburke Morning. I'm taking my kids to temple. I finally have a free morning for my little ones! :)

@DENISE_RICHARDS Morning! Happy Friday! My daughter has been up since 3am...I'm a little sleepy:) too much to do.. Gotta suck it up!

@Bethenny My poor bumble bee has a cold.staying in bed all day w her&watching cartoons the whole day(we never watch tv).snugs&hugs.

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