Sunday, September 11, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood Talks Knocked Out Tooth

Traversing across the globe, Evan Rachel Wood premiered her new movie "Ides Of March" at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday night (September 9).

While at the Roy Thomson Hall screening, the lovely actress opened up about recent reports telling that she had her tooth knocked out while ringing in her 24th birthday at a Parisian nightclub.

Chatting with People magazine, Evan dished, "It was just past midnight and I was dancing with my friends in Paris. And just boom, I caught an elbow right in the left side of my face. I knew right away when I closed my mouth that something was really wrong."

"I was quoting The Hangover and I went, 'Oh my God, I look like a nerdy hillbilly!'" she added. "But the person that did it was crying because they felt so bad."

Not letting the oral woe get her down, Miss Wood optimistically said, "I'll never forget my 24th birthday when my tooth got punched out. And for a second I was like, it would be really hilarious if I sold it on eBay. But I can't, that's just too creepy. I don't think I can go there."


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