Saturday, September 10, 2011

SWAGGER JACKER...Again!? Does Nicki Minaj's FNO Outfit & Latest Diss Prove She's OBSESSED With Lil Kim?

Although Lil' Kim did not originate the use of colorful wigs or dirty talk on wax, it does seem like Nicki Minaj (and her stylist) are clearly competing in a constant "Who Rocked It Best" contest.  Folks are all abuzz that Nicki seemed to re-create one of Kim's very recent "looks" for FNO last night.   Coincidence?  You make the call inside....

Either it's a coincidence or Nicki Minaj is playing some serious "mean girl" games with Lil' Kim as she continues to mock the rapper for having a dormant career and not being relevant.  Yet she mimics her style on the regular.  Lil Kim's fans put together a collage of pics for folks to make a judgment call on.

Most recently, Nicki REmixed Lil' Kim's "geisha" look--that Kim rocked a couple months ago--while at NYC's FNO and she rocked a face mask similar to one Kim wore just a week before Nicki did at the 2011 MTV VMAs.  A full out face mask in public isn't all that typical, but it still could be a coincidence.

Now Nicki may say she doesn't "see" Kim and is not a swagger jacker, but SOMEBODY in Nicki's camp has their eye on rap vet Kimberly Jones.

And on wax, Nicki continues to go after Kim, most recently on Birdman's latest track released last night called "Why U Mad."

Nicki says the line: "Yea we shine/gold for your career/dead ghostbuster"

Is the animated "Superbass" rapper playing with Kim's head or really stealing her style?


Listen to Nicki diss LiL' Kim On Birdman's "Why U MAD" Ft. Lil' Wayne And Nicki Minaj:


Photos via lilkimfanclub


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