Thursday, September 1, 2011

'Jersey Shore' Cast Laughs Off Ronnie Vs. Situation Brawl

'At the time it was pretty serious; now it's hilarious to watch,' Vinny admits to MTV News of Sunday's pre-VMA episode.
By Jocelyn Vena

Pauly D
Photo: MTV News

Just before last Sunday's VMAs, "Jersey Shore" viewers saw some drama go down in the house. Specifically, Ronnie and the Situation, who are supposed to be living abroad experiencing the best of Italian culture, got into a heated fight over Ron and Sammi's on-again, off-again relationship.

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The fight quickly escalated, and before long, the Sitch had slammed his own head into a wall and landed himself in the hospital. It was a decidedly real moment for MTV viewers, but the "Jersey Shore" cast said watching those events play out on the small screen left them with mixed emotions.

"At the time it was pretty serious; now it's hilarious to watch," Vinny admitted to MTV News on the VMA black carpet.

So, does the Situation feel the same way? "He thinks it's pretty funny too," Vinny told us. "They get over it pretty quickly; boys move on."

Pauly D and the Situation got, er, makeovers. Head over to MTV's Remote Control for a look!

For DJ Pauly D, who typically tries to steer clear of all the hoopla that goes down between his roommates, watching the fight again on TV was actually entertaining. "It's fun! I love watching it," he said. "You want to know what's crazy? ... I watch it, too, 'cause I like to stay away from the drama, so I like to watch the drama [on TV]."

The guys' pal Deena pointed out that the fighting and the drama is only one slice of life for the "Shore" crew. "It just brings back a lot of the feelings. The fight was insane and really made you realize even though we have ups and downs, we really care about one another," she said.

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