Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nicki Minaj On Copycat Rumors: That Designer Is LYING! I Don't Even Know Her!

Nicki Minaj and her styling team are striking back at rumors that Nicki & her stylists stole one of her colorful Fashion Week designs from a designer.  Find out what Team Nicki told about the alleged copycat situation inside...

Designer Jessica Rodgers accused Nicki Minaj of jacking a design Jessica showed her, and having her own top made in a very similar way for NY Fashion Week 2011.

But now, Nicki's styling and image consultant, Joel Dash, tells Jessica is full of fashion sh*t.  And they have, in fact, never even met this Jessica person. 

He says, "That whole story about Nicki Minaj supposedly 'stealing ideas' or her styling team being in contact with that unknown designer is a complete fabrication. It is false! This is just a designer who wants attention. We have never been in contact with this particular designer on behalf of Nicki or any other clients we currently work with."

Joel revealed that the designer of Nicki's top in question is actually a Japanese brand.

Nicki's top which is in question was created by a Japanese brand called DOG.  We did not ask them to create this pieces specifically but rather saw it in their lookbook and we simply requested this look for Nicki," Joel tells

Joel went on to say, "We are not sure who created the piece first, for all we know, Jessica copied DOG."

By the way, Nicki just hit LAX this morn in yet another print crazy colorful look:



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