Thursday, September 15, 2011

Charlie Sheen: "I'm a Lot Calmer Now"

Charlie Sheen: "I'm a Lot Calmer Now"

Charlie Sheen is having a moment of zen. In an interview with Matt Lauer, airing Friday on Today, Sheen reflects on his behavior over the past year -- and admits, finally, that things got a bit out of hand.

"I don't really know what happened," says the actor. "It was one of those things where the planets were aligned, perfectly or imperfectly. I said some stuff and then it caught such traction globally and instantly that I couldn't really put out the fire. I had to keep fueling it."

The former Two and a Half Men star compares his well-publicized meltdown to "being shot out of a cannon into another cannon and being just shot out of that one." In retrospect, he says, "it was pretty exciting" -- but not without some poor choices.

"Looking back on it, I don't think I would trade it, but there are portions of it I would have amended a bit," says Sheen.

Now, says the former "Vatican warlock assassin," life is a "a lot calmer" and "a lot mellower." With his "goddesses" gone and a new show in development, Sheen is ready for a fresh start -- and this time, he's making family a priority.

"I think that's where the life is, you know, it's in those quiet moments," he says. "It's not the giant TV deal or the big party or the award or whatever, it's the memory of your child's smile at the end of the day that sort of brings that one lonesome tear."

Could it be that Emilio Estevez was speaking the truth when he recently called his brother a changed man? In excerpts from the Matt Lauer interview, he doesn't once refer to himself as a "rock star from Mars" or stand by his claims of having "tiger blood." He even claims he's trying to make good with his ex-wives.

"I'm seeing my kids a lot more, mending fences with Denise (Richards) and Brooke (Mueller), just trying to move forward and prioritize what matters," Sheen tells Lauer. "You know, just really get back in touch with some more reality."

More reality? Now that is a change!


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