Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paris Hilton Walks Out on Good Morning America Interview

Part of the reason Paris Hilton returned to reality TV in The World According to Paris was to show the world she's all grown up and mature now.

Getting up and walking away during an interview on Good Morning America today when questions got tough didn't exactly project that image.

ABC correspondent Dan Harris asked about her show's abysmal ratings and ho-tel heiress' declining relevance in an ever-saturated sea of reality stars.

Paris Hilton Walks Out on GMA

Thrown off and visibly annoyed by this perceived affront on her A-list status, Paris shifted in her chair, looked toward her publicist, then peaced.

Hilton never did say if "her moment has passed," as Harris put it, but did return to finish the interview, which also contained these revelations:

  1. She broke up with Cy Waits after watching The World According to Paris and determining that the chemistry just wasn't there.
  2. She fakes her airhead persona for the cameras.


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