Friday, July 29, 2011

Teen Mom Amber Portwood's Little Girl Acts Out

Most 2-year-old girls spend the majority of their carefree young lives with their mothers, playing with dolls, having tea parties and coloring pictures, but not Amber Portwood?s daughter, Leah. The tot has been living every day without the woman who brought her into the world. Since the troubled Teen Mom star?s attempt at suicide on June 14, Amber has been spending time in a rehab center in California. Amber is being treated for anger management and depression ? and, some believe, a problem with prescription pills.

Leah hasn?t been reacting well to Amber?s absence. Amber?s brother, Shawn, tells In Touch that Leah desperately clings to his girlfriend whenever they visit. ?Because she can?t see my sister, she?s looking for that female figure,? he says. But without her real mom around, Leah is beginning to act out. ?She throws fits and bites and hits other children,? a family insider tells In Touch. ?She can be a wild little girl.?

Leah?s father, Gary Shirley, 24, hasn?t been around much, either. ?Gary rarely spends time with Leah. Instead, he?s out at the bars almost every night,? a friend tells In Touch, adding that Gary bragged about hooking up with lots of different girls while downing drinks at his local Anderson, Ind., strip club, Hoosier Girls, on July 20.

While Gary lets loose, his mother, Carol, cares for Leah, but she?s hardly acting like the stable parent the little girl so desperately needs. Leah?s only hope of having a normal childhood is having two dependable parents. Fortunately, Amber seems to be making improvements in rehab, Shawn says. ?She is doing better. She is working out, kickboxing and has a whole new routine,? he recounts, adding that the young mother could remain in treatment for up to two more months. Then, when she returns home, she can finally focus on what?s truly important: giving her daughter the stable life she herself never had.


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