Friday, July 22, 2011

Taylor Swift Is 'Totally Cool,' Tour Openers NeedToBreathe Say

South Carolina rock band tells MTV News Swift is 'very pro for somebody who's 21.'
By Jocelyn Vena

Photo: Marc Broussely/ Redferns

Even at the tender age of 21, Taylor Swift is one of the most poised superstars on the planet. And she has quite the reputation for being incredibly professional to work with. But when her tour openers NeedToBreathe finally got the chance to meet her, they were actually surprised by how true that is.

"Well, she won't let us look at her [for] long," Bear Reinhart joked to MTV News. Brother Bo added, "She wears, like, a veil over her face the whole time, like, no eye contact."

Of course, that is anything but true, and Bear later added, "Honestly, it's been really not like that at all. She was totally cool the first day ... very pro for somebody who's 21." Bo continued, "[She's] very down to earth and easy [to work with]."

As the story goes, Swift handpicked the South Carolina band to be the opening act on her Speak Now Tour, which is currently hitting up the country. And the band finds it hard to believe that they are playing to a sea of screaming teenage girls in arenas and stadiums night after night.

"We thought when people called us, we thought they were joking," Bear said of learning they'd be opening for the comely singer. "I think partly because it's Taylor Swift and partly because we're not really a country band and her fans are obviously a little younger than ours sometimes. But it's been cool because she genuinely likes music and she likes our band and she's been really sweet about the whole thing.

"We met her and she was kind of nervous around us," he continued. "I guess [because] we're older than her, but she's like a real fan. She's like, 'What songs are you gonna play?' So that's good, to be appreciated on a tour like that. Obviously, we could, like, never see her again, but she's been great."

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