Monday, June 6, 2011

Robert Pattinson Wishes He Had 'Something Funny To Say' After First Win

MTV News catches up with 'Twilight' stud after Best Male Performance win at the Movie Awards.
By Terri Schwartz, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Robert Pattinson at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards
Photo: MTV News

In the biggest non-surprise of the night, Robert Pattinson won the MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance for the third year in a row. But the man himself was still shocked.

"I really didn't think I was going to win. Zac Efron was crying and stuff in that clip!" Pattinson said during his acceptance speech, referring to his fellow nominee's performance in "Charlie St. Cloud."

Still, he recognized that it was the fans who brought him the win yet again; his first win was in 2009 for "Twilight," and then again last year for "New Moon." "I'm consistently surprised, so thank you very much," he said. "I hope we see you all again next year."

When MTV News caught up with the "Breaking Dawn" star after his big win, he was worried he dropped the ball a bit in his acceptance speech.

"I'm just trying to come up with something funny to say to all of these. I pussied out on my first one and said nothing," Pattinson said with a laugh.

Fortunately, the man better known as Edward Cullen followed up his Best Male Performance acceptance speech with a much stronger Best Fight one. He took to the stage with "Eclipse" co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel and, after a moment's awkwardness, pulled out the humor.

"Well, yeah, I won, ha!" Pattinson said as his acceptance.

Howard turned to him, apologizing for her villainess role in "Eclipse" by saying, "I guess I should say: I'm so sorry I tried to kill you, Rob."

"It's all right. I ripped your head off, and now you're pregnant!" he replied to the audience's laughter.

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