Thursday, December 23, 2010

THG Asks: Should Rex Ryan Be Disciplined Over His Wife's Foot Video?

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Today, THG Asks: Should Rex Ryan face disciplinary action over his wife's foot fetish video?

YES by Hilton Hater

When Rex signed a contract that pays $3 million a year, he did so with the acknowledgment that he was accepting more than just owner Woody Johnson's money and the task of leading the Jets to their first Super Bowl since 1969.

He was also trading in any semblance of a private life. Ryan coaches in new York, the sports equivalent of Beverly Hills when it comes to tabloid coverage.

He's the face of a franchise. He had to have known this embarrassing video would surface. It was his responsibility to do what he could to remove it.

Not because I care one iota about what Rex Ryan's sex life. But because a coach's job is to motivate, not distract. When Darrelle Revis is answering questions about the pinky toe tickle instead of the zone blitz, something is very wrong.

Rex and Michelle Ryan

NO by Free Britney 

The mere existence of a Rex Ryan foot fetish video is bizarre, unusual, and enough to cause a tabloid frenzy. At its core, however, it's personal and harmless.

Rex's judgment was awful here. Anything resembling sexual dalliances with Michelle Ryan, a.k.a. "ihaveprettyfeet," should have been kept private - by him.

It's a distraction the Jets don't need as they attempt the difficult feet feat of making and advancing in the AFC playoffs. He should tread (sorry) more carefully.

At the same time, the man did nothing wrong.

So Rex Ryan has a thing for his own wife's feet. Since when does being a sexual freak make you a criminal, a detriment to society or even bad at your job?

In Brett Favre's case, dude allegedly sent pics of his mediocre wang to Jenn Sterger and requested a video of her masturbating. That's harassment. This?

Just a middle-aged couple keeping it HOT!

THG Asks you ... should Rex be disciplined? Who won this argument?


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