Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beyonce Will Be an "Incredible Mother," Says Kelly Rowland

Beyonce Will Be an "Incredible Mother," Says Kelly Rowland

Beyoncé gave an incredible performance of "Love on Top" at last night's Video Music Awards -- but it's the five seconds afterward, when she dramatically revealed her baby bump, that's got everybody talking! Though she flaunted her belly on the red carpet before the show, her post-performance tummy rub was the real "wow!" moment: We got to see hubby Jay-Z grinning ear-to-ear while pal Kanye West jumped up and down in excitement. Another friend who's thrilled for Beyoncé and her man: her former Destiny's Child group-mate Kelly Rowland.

"I have known for quite a while, and she's happy, and Jay is happy, and that's all that counts," Rowland told People.

Rowland, 30, also expressed confidence in Beyoncé's abilities as a mother. "I think she'll be an incredible mother, because she's always been motherly," said the singer. "I think that she takes after so many traits from her mother. And I just think it's going to be so natural for her. It's natural for her now!"

Beyoncs mother Tina Knowles ran her own hair salon while Beyoncé was growing up, then became the costume designer for Destiny's Child -- and still works with her daughters today. As role models go, Beyoncé could do worse!

While the pregnancy announcement was a cleverly-staged surprise, Beyoncé, who turns 30 on Sept. 4, has been forthright about her plans to have a family one day.

The diva has said in the past that she wanted to have a baby at 30 -- although in a June interview with Piers Morgan, she added, "But I also said I was gonna retire at 30. And I'm not retiring!" As for those baby plans, at the time she said, "Only God knows." Well, now the rest of the world knows too!

Watch Beyoncé's performance and baby-bump reveal in the VMAs clip below.

Source: http://www.ivillage.com/beyonce-will-be-incredible-mother-says-kelly-rowland/1-a-377543

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