Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Usher, L.A. Reid, & Justin Bieber Do Hollywood Reporter"+Ashanti's "Fancy" Remix

After Justin Bieber was signed by L.A. Reid 2 years ago, he and his mentor Usher have been going a mile a minute.  Check out the trio's new cover, plus what Ursh had to say about their "family."


Oh, and Ashanti's rapping now under the cut....

“We’re like a family coming together,” says Usher. “That’s what makes a great career.”

Ursh, Biebs, and L.A. Reid are rocking the cover of the new Hollywood Reporter jus a few days before Justin's Never Say Never 3D movie release.  Check it.


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Ashanti's adding in her 2 cents on the "Fancy" track with Swizzy, T.I., and Drake.

Ashanti's rapping (yes, rapping) about baby blue Bugattis and "mean" footwear and broke b*tches. Oh, and how fancy she is with her yacht clubs and black cards and how none of it's "his." Sigh. Check out her remix above.

The Randomness:

1.  Dr. J is swindling old ladies?  Story


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