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Sarah Palin Documentary 'The Undefeated' Trailer

Sarah Palin Documentary 'The Undefeated' Trailer

Sarah Palin is so used to getting lampooned, lambasted and laughed at in the media that she must be psyched to see the new trailer for The Undefeated, a documentary detailing Palin's vice presidential bid and her short tenure as governor of Alaska. Judging by the video, director Stephen Bannon's film is an uncritical -- some might say fawning -- look at the rise of the "Wasilla Warrior" and the ensuing Mama Grizzly phenomenon. Watch the trailer below!



The funny thing is, Palin herself is not interviewed in the documentary. Instead, ranks of women who look suspiciously like Palin, stand in front of a white screen and spout supportive comments such as, "She’s like a marine. She runs towards the danger."

The teaser starts with four words shown in white type on dramatic black screens: "Daughter." "Wife." "Mother." "Warrior." The music is portentous and dramatic and actually seems rather forbidding and frightening, rather than inspirational.

One of the talking heads says, with the telltale resentment against the establishment clear in her words, "It wasn't something that Daddy gave her. It wasn't something the machine prepared the way for." There are swipes against the "liberal media" and the "phony intelligentsia," all clear signs of Palin-approved talking points.

"She represented a threat to so many establishments," one of the commentators says. Palin's power as a public figure has always been her perceived independence from the political machine and the old-boy network of the Republican Party. The disenfranchised unhappy Republicans who dislike the federal government found it to be a powerful almost irresistible message.

While Palin has, so far, been coy about whether or not she is planning to run for president, many (like Jon Stewart) have wondered: If she isn't running for POTUS, then why is she driving around the country in a bus with her name on the side of it? Then there's director Stephen Bannon, who calls the film "a call to action for a campaign like 1976: Reagan vs. the establishment." The Mama Grizzly's fans are notoriously passionate, and obviously Team Palin hopes that The Undefeated will tap into their adoration, upping Palin's already high profile.

Then again, we can help but notice the inherent ironies in the film. Palin was governor of Alaska from December 2006 to July 2009, resigning before her term was up. So it is a bit curious that a movie about a losing vice presidential candidate and a governor who didn't even serve out her term would be called The Undefeated. But, hey, that's just our two cents.

The documentary opens July 15 in select theaters.


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