Monday, July 18, 2011

Lauren Conrad Talks Paper Crown

She's moved away from the small screen and into the world of fashion (among other endeavors), and Lauren Conrad recently spoke with Teen Vogue about her Paper Crown line and future plans.

Currently working on her Spring 2012 collection, the former "Hills" star was asked to describe her Fall 2011 line - which is already available in select stores - to which she answered, "Feminine, a modern take on classic style. Understatedly elegant, effortless, and lovely."

As for whether Miss Conrad designs with her own tastes in mind, the 25-year-old said, "My inspirations are translated in different ways throughout the process. We do keep our various customers in mind, but I make sure each style is true to my vision and brand. I usually end up slipping into every piece after the fit model during fittings, and sneaking samples as soon as I am able to. I wouldn't include a piece in my collection that I wouldn't wear personally. Besides, half the fun of designing is getting to wear the clothing!"

Lauren was then asked to explain how Paper Crown differs from her previous design endeavors, to which she thoughtfully replied, "Paper Crown is different from what I have done in the past because I was able to enter into the line with the experience I obtained in the previous years spent in the industry. Paper Crown is really a passion project. I created the line because I'm in love with the process of design, and I wanted to have my own contemporary collection that allowed me to follow my own rules and be creative. The pieces are current with a classic feel?investments that will last throughout the seasons. I have had many missteps along the way, but I learned from each of them and the next time I didn't make the same mistake. I am still learning. Everything from design, sales, and production through partnering with our retailers, I am constantly learning things about this industry."

Changing topics, Conrad was also questioned as to whether she sees herself returning to TV at some point, to which she firmly stated that it's not in the cards at the current time.

LC said, "As of now, I have no plans to return to television. That being said, I have learned to never say never (yes, I did just intentionally quote Justin Bieber)."


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