Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lady Gaga Banned from YouTube

Lady Gaga Banned from YouTube

Lady Gaga can get away with wearing meat to the MTV Video Music Awards and giving birth to an alien race in a music video -- so what on earth did she do to get kicked off YouTube?

Little Monsters checking in with Gaga's video diary on Thursday were stunned to find her YouTube channel replaced by this message: This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's copyright policy. And just as she was on the edge of glory! What did Gaga do to offend the Google-owned video network?

According to Time Out Tokyo, Gaga's "severe violation" was posting her July 12 appearance on a Japanese TV show called SMAPxSMAP. The clip featured the singer performing a ten-minute medley of "The Edge of Glory," "Born This Way" and "You and I," with occasional Japan-themed interjections like, "You taste like sake when you kiss me!" At one point, she emerges from a box in a black dust mask; at another, she plays at a piano made of giant bejeweled hands. You know, typical Gaga.

Unfortunately, the singer's management failed to secure the rights to the TV clip, provoking a copyright complaint by the overzealous copyright-protection group Media Interactive, Inc. (You'd think she'd have some copyright claim since it's her own music -- but perhaps not.) Gaga has yet to comment on the YouTube shutdown, though earlier this week, she tweeted about her appearance: "My performance+cooking show appearance on SMAP SMAP is airing now in Japan. Kawaii Monsters!"

Fortunately, the rest of the week's Lady Gaga news is much happier. It was announced Thursday morning that her Monster Ball HBO concert special was nominated for five Emmys. ("I'm crying, so proud!" the singer tweeted.) A few hours later, Gaga informed fans that China was had lifted its ban on the sale of her album Born This Way. (China and other conservative nations had objected to the album's "pro-gay content.")

"Our trip to Asia has been enlightening + promising," Gaga tweeted after announcing the news. "Stand strong!"

We expect that YouTube will follow suit soon, and lift its own ban. After all, a YouTube without Lady Gaga would be sadder than a Twitter without Justin Bieber!


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