Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guiliana Rancic?s Food For Thought

After an emotional year due to problems of infertility for Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill Rancic, the couple took a romantic vacation to Italy and ate all the pasta they wanted.

The two also vowed to have a year of fun, in which viewers will be able to tune in to season 4 of Giuliana & Bill to see the couple go back to the basics and focus on heating up their relationship. The couple's vacation was filled with a lot of love and delicious food!

Giuliana spoke with Celebuzz about her typical eating habits. She explained that she eats whatever she wants and uses her everyday workouts to stay in shape. But her vacation seemed much different, and she posted a photo to prove it.

"I went to Italy, and I consumed way too many calories a day, but I didn?t care," Giuliana told Celebuzz. "Bill and I made a deal on the plane over that we can?t say no to anything, including food. Like, if Bill says, "Let?s have a crepe," I can?t say no ? even though I just had a gelato, and I?m full. We indulged like crazy for two weeks, but we took really long walks in the vineyards, and we stayed active. And when we got back to Los Angeles, we were back at Equinox the next day on the treadmill."

As for the rest of the trip to Italy, Giuliana and Bill visited the church they got married in and reflected on that day ? when they were surrounded by so many friends and family and so much love.


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