Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dwight Eubanks Leaves "RHOA", Says There's Too Much "Buffoonery"

In today's foolywang, Dwight Eubanks has announced that he won't be returning to "RHOA" because he can't take the buffoonery.  Get the deets inside...  

Dwight Eubanks, whom we know of as NeNe Leakes former BFF and the new BFF of Phaedra Parks, has announced that he won't return to "RHOA." 

So what made him decide to "leave" a show he didn't have a contract with in the first place?  He said, 

“We can entertain you, but you still need to be educated. That’s what’s lacking in the television industry. It’s so much buffoonery and craziness out there. I just can’t do it. I refuse to do it.”

Hmm....he can't do it for moral reasons anymore?  Or, unless it lends itself to his own self-promotion. He added,

“It was very time-consuming and I only did the Real Housewives of Atlanta to promote [his Purple Door Salon] and out of three years, they have not yet shown what I really do. I’ve had a salon for over 25 years and they just refuse to show it. It does not make sense." 

So what's next for the man who's fed up with reality tv?  Well....reality tv.  Though he's fed up with "RHOA" he admitted that he is working on his own-reality show.

“They’re still trying to figure out what to do with me," he said about the company he's currently working with.

“You have to realize: I’m 50 years old. Therefore, it has to be something that makes sense and has substance.”

OK Dwight. 


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