Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked for 'Two and a Half Men' Ad

Ashton Kutcher Gets Naked for 'Two and a Half Men' Ad

As Charlie Sheen's replacement on Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher has some pretty big shoes to fill. (After all, the CBS sitcom was TV's No. 1 comedy with the Sheenius starring.) Perhaps that's why, in the first promotional ads for the new and hopefully improved Men, 33-year-old Kutcher isn't wearing shoes -- or any other form of clothing, for that matter.

As you can see in the above image from the season 9 ad campaign, Kutcher and the show's other two stars, Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer, appear seemingly naked, holding naught but a sign up to cover their Men parts. The sign reads, "All will be revealed... 09.19.11" -- and, sorry ladies, we're almost 100 percent sure it refers to the fact that the show's Sept. 19 season premiere will explain what happens to Charlie Harper (does he drive his car off a cliff, perhaps?) and how Kutcher's character will come into the mix.

According to Entertainment Weekly, CBS and distributor Warner Bros. may repurpose the same image throughout the campaign, altering the sign's text to deliver different messages. With the way Cryer is looking at Kutcher, may we suggest: "The new Two and a Half Men: Things are looking up"?


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