Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ashley Greene: Back to Work on the West Coast

Stepping out for a morning meeting, Ashley Greene was spotted heading into a local studio in West Hollywood, CA on Tuesday (July 12).

The ?Twilight? beauty looked fit and fine in heels, red skinny jeans and a black sweater as she made her way past the paparazzi while offering up a quick smile and wave.

The sighting comes as Ashley just returned to the west coast after enjoying a trip to Florida, as she tweeted yesterday, "Home Sweet Home back in LA. Back to work."

Meanwhile, it?s no secret that Ms Greene is a Pilates fanatic - and her trainer, Risa Sheppard, recently told Starlounge about Ashley?s body slimming workout.

"Ashley?s body is strong and flexible now," said Risa. "My method is an overall conditioning workout that encourages clients to work with their bodies and to realize their own personal perfection. It combines Pilates, therapeutic exercise, and body awareness.?

"Ashley was very eager to learn how to use her body correctly so as to not have injury as well as to keep her body in tip top shape,? the fitness guru added.

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/ashley-greene/ashley-greene-back-work-west-coast-523664

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