Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lindsay Lohan's Ankle Bracelet Malfunction

Her ankle bracelet went off just five days after putting it on (no surprise there) but what is surprising is that Lindsay Lohan seems to have done nothing wrong.

Sounds fishy, but as of now, the house-arrest electronic device reportedly went off earlier this week causing probation officials to pay a house call to the ?Mean Girls? actress? Venice home.

Lindsay's rep told E! News that, per his understanding, there was a system issue with her equipment that warranted an impromptu check-in. (Officers are allowed to enter her home at any time to make sure she is in compliance with her requirements)

Chalking it up to a malfunctioning bracelet, LiLo?s attorney, Shawn Holley, told E!, "Lindsay's electronic monitoring system went off on Monday. When a representative from the monitoring company went to her home, the representative found Lindsay there. The equipment was replaced the following day."


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