Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Victim Recounts Night of Abuse

Once again making headlines for the wrong reasons, Lindsay Lohan is under investigation for misdemeanor charges which may end up resulting in another probation violation.

With the situation stemming from a run-in with a Betty Ford Center employee after the "Mean Girls" star turned up 10 minutes past curfew on December 12th, chemical technician Dawn Holland has finally opened up about the alleged assault.

Talking to TMZ, Holland revealed, "Lindsay and two other patients had snuck out, went drinking and tried to sneak back in and they got caught. We were told by our administration on-call to do a breathalyzer test, which she refused to do. She was angry and out of control."

Claiming to have been pushed by Lohan, Holland adds that the oft troubled actress "kept yelling and cursing and screaming" even as she was on the phone calling police.

The chemical technician went on to tell, "Then she tried to snatch the phone from out of my arm. She grabbed my wrist and twisted my arm and my hand to get the phone. She was the only patient out of the three who was being very uncooperative and out of control. I did not touch the woman! I am not willing to risk my job over any patient."

With the Palm Desert Police Department still investigating the incident, Miss Holland is currently on paid medical leave while unable to use the injured hand.

Meanwhile, Lindsay will have to go back in front of Jude Elden S. Fox if charges are brought against her - with a conviction likely to lead to a jail sentence of up to six months.


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