Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kelly Rutherford Defends Taylor Momsen & Wants Her to Return to 'Gossip Girl'

Kelly Rutherford Defends Taylor Momsen & Wants Her to Return to 'Gossip Girl'

While rumors are swirling about Taylor Momsen and her behavior on the Gossip Girl set that led to her indefinite hiatus, whenever we talk to her co-stars they seem totally supportive of the teen. First Jessica Szhor praised her, and now her on-screen step-mom, Kelly Rutherford, voiced her support at the store opening of 25 Park in NYC on Dec. 16.

"Hopefully she’ll come back and do some more with us," Kelly said, adding that while she hopes for her return, she knows Taylor’s main priority is her music. "Her passion has just really become her music, Taylor’s out there doing her music and if you hear her music you understand why she is so passionate. You can hear it. I love Jenny Humphrey, but Jenny Humphrey really loves rock and roll."

After hearing her words of encouragement, it’s no surprise that Kelly is a huge fan of Taylor’s band, The Pretty Reckless. "I love her music, it’s really cool."

While Kelly may be a huge fan of Taylor’s music, it’s hard to ignore her provocative behavior. So, what does her on-screen step-mom have to say the teen’s rebellious antics? She totally supports Taylor as she’s finding herself! "She’s intelligent and she’s beautiful and it’s not as easy as everyone thinks it is for her, to be doing what she’s doing especially at her age and with her talent. People are always for something, you know, to talk about," she said. "I think she’s young and is exploring her world and she’s exploring being an artist. I think it’s important to be fully expressed."

There’s no denying the fact that Taylor is talented, but for her sake I hope she tones down her act. Like Kelly, I would love to see Little J return to the Upper East Side! Do you agree?

Would you like to see Taylor Momsen back on Gossip Girl? Chime in below!


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