Saturday, December 18, 2010

Become a millionaire, then watch the Money Drop!

Million1217.jpg Thanks to game shows like Survivor and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, winning a million bucks has become a reality for a lucky few. Now, thanks to Fox?s game show Million Dollar Money Drop, that dream of being a millionaire has come true for a slew of lucky couples ? even if only for a few fleeting moments.

Confused? Here?s the drill. At the beginning of each game every couple is presented with $1 million ? in cash. They then must answer a multiple-choice question and place an amount of cash on the answer they believe is right. Bet it all on one answer, or hedge your bets over the three remaining answers ? the only catch is you must bet it all at once. Get it right, keep your money, get it wrong and the money drop will take what you bet. Sure it sounds easy, but the pop culture-themed questions are tricky, and the suspense can get unbearable.

?This has been ridiculous fun,? show host Kevin Pollak tells In Touch. ?When they told me what the game was I was extremely excited. And when I heard the kind of success it?s had in like Germany, where 60 percent of that country was tuning in, those are huge numbers.?

Kevin Pollak?s name might be synonymous with movies like the Usual Suspects and Casino, so people might find it strange he?s adding ?game-show host? to his credits. According to the acclaimed actor, it?s all part of his progression. ?This is something I never thought I would do, yet here I am,? he laughs. ?When I walked onto a movie set for the first time as an actor, with no formal training, I had no idea where acting came from. Now I have diversified into another bizarre direction that has people wondering. But to be honest, 1 percent of the country is making a living doing something they love, so I feel honored.?

Another thing Kevin loves about his new gig is getting to eye $1 million at the start of each game. ?I had never seen a million dollars cash before starting this show,? he reveals. ?It is extraordinary, absolutely bizarre and fantastic, all at the same time.? And while Kevin is a self-confessed gambler, he?s not lining up to play Money Drop anytime soon. ?I would do horribly on the show as they don?t give me the questions and answers ahead of time,? he laughs. ?So I am actually playing along with the contestants and in my mind I have lost it all ? it?s terrible.?

Million Dollar Money Drop will air for four consecutive nights on Fox, beginning Monday, December 20 at 8 p.m. EST.


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