Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beanie Sigel Says Dame Dash Owes Him $11 Mill! + Yo Gotti Turns Himself In

Beanie Sigel did an interview with a Philadelphia radio station and discussed his issue with Dame Dash.  He might wanna take a number. We've got the interview, plus the deets on Yo Gotti turning himself in when you read on....



The Broad Street Bully sat down with Star & Bucwild on their morning show in Philly this week. He's known for spilling the tea whenever and however he feels.  And he quickly disclosed that Dame owes him a whopping $11 million and that he hasn't spoken to Dame in nearly 6 years. Beanie also claims that Dame helping him out during his court case was just a PR stunt.


Beanie also says that he helped Kanye get out of "a sticky situation."  Sticky eh? Wonder what happened with that.  Last year, Beanie did an interview where he talked about Kanye almost getting robbed for his Roc chain back in '02/'03 at a diner in Manhattan.  Once 'Ye called Beanie for back up, everything was all good.


Here's the full interview:


I wouldn't want to owe Beanie Sigel ANY money, let alone $11 mill. It's sad to see the Roc-A-Fella crew come to this.







In other rap news, Yo Gotti turned himself in yesterday after that Thanksgiving shooting incident.  The rapper faces charges of aggravated riot and inciting a riot.  Police say that Yo Gotti and another rapper OG Boo Dirty got into an altercation when a third man jumped in and they attacked him.

This altercation caused several other men to jump in and resulted in six of the men leaving with gunshot wounds.  Boo is also facing two attempted murder charges.

If convicted, Yo Gotti faces one to six years in prison.  Womp.

Source: http://theybf.com/2010/12/14/beanie-sigel-says-dame-dash-owes-him-11-mill-yo-gotti-turns-himself-in

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